Updos 2019 fashion trends

Updos 2019

When it comes to a very elegant event such as a wedding, a party or a ceremony in which the label is very important, the ones who shine the most are the ones picked up. Today we are going to show you the main trends for this 2019, in which you will see that there are options for all tastes.

The collected are a classic of all time, but for the next season they promise a really important popularity, that is why we present some styles that promise more popularity.

Hairstyles collected disheveled or loose

The trend within the collected is inclined by loose strands and a very gimmicky appearance “disheveled”. This is a lovely trend that goes well in both summer and winter. These easy styles are also an excellent option both for a casual style and to go out at night or go to a party.

A relevant detail will always be the bun, worn very stylized or coquettishly relaxed and disheveled. These collected with gently curly and loose hair are very easy to achieve, as easy is to decide before so much creativity.

Standing out in all the proposals are the simple, elegant and messy-looking outfits; ideal to let creativity fly and show off your own creations. They are one of the most practical options, since they are easy to make and have the power to transform our appearance of the day into a sophisticated hairstyle for the night in just a few seconds.

You can create different twists with little or lots of hair, resulting in more elaborate and super effective pickups.

A look like the one in the next image with loose strands will look great.

Hairstyles collected with strained hair

The other end will also be used: tight or straight hair. They are ideal from the classical ballerina bun of medium height, to the most complex ones that use bangs and other tricks for a more sexy and elegant look.

A straight collection with a few coquettish accessories for the hair, they are a modern and very sexy look.

These outfits have been seen in celebrities as well as on the catwalks of fashion.

Collected with braids

You can add a coquettish detail to a collection by using braids. These are options that continue to look great and come back very elegant even to the simplest hairstyle.

The accessories can also help us to hold our hair in a myriad of ways, adding beautiful details to the hairstyle.

And one of the basic rules that seems to dominate this type of hairstyles, is that the more messy your look, the more style. A messy pickup can be very glamorous in reality, creating a beautiful and elegant style.

The best thing about this trend is that it can have a super feminine effect for day or night events. You just have to pick up her hair on the top of her head, and add different braids and laces that add clutter and elegance to the hair.

More styles: Hairstyles with braids

French braids

For those who would love to try something bolder, this type of collection, using French braids will also be very fashionable.

Ballerina bun (topknot)

The thousand variants of the Topknot are still valid, the more striking the better. For very young girls flirtatious styles like the one in the following image, a collection that is imposed because this is a decidedly very youthful look. With this style you have to make a commitment with makeup because it takes on a special role.

To make this hairstyle, start by picking the hair in a ponytail high on the top of the head, and then turning the same. You simply hold the hair by hairpins. Easier and faster impossible.

The classic ballerina bows, with a hairstyle that certainly repeats season after season and 2019 promises not to be the exception.

For this hairstyle it works great to use the famous “donut” that has been so fashionable in the past.


A classic among the classics, the bows with the hair turned. It becomes very easy and in it lies its great attraction, you can always do it for yourself at home with a little patience.

The variants are many and versatile, ideal to accompany any look.

For those who enjoy the most chic and classic, a low chignon that always favors a very sophisticated look.

Collected high

High buns, which show the entire neck, is another fashionable option highly recommended especially to complement our looks at night, since it has everything in terms of good taste and elegance.

Collected just held back with strands misaligned towards the face is another hairstyle that dictates the trend, being ideal for those looking to look fresh and natural.

Low collected

Fashion also allows us to go to the other extreme, wearing very low bows.

The somewhat misaligned bows with details of braids are one of the proposals that stand out. Thanks to the versatility they possess, they are one of the best options both to give life to formal and casual looks.

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