The ‘twinkle hair’ extensions came to make your hair shine

The ‘twinkle hair’ extensions came to make your hair shine

The extensions have become a plus that helps our hair look more abundant and beautiful, however this year they have a slight change, they are no longer one color, now they have glitter, it is the twinkle hair.

This style of extensions brings a touch of shine to any hair and the best thing is that it does not mistreat it, because instead of placing them with silicone, staples or knitting them, they only need a small knot, are you ready for them? Here are some ideas so you can use them and be the sensation this 2020.

This year you will shine with these extensions

The glitter will bring color and fun to your hair

Contrast in a spectacular way

The best thing about them is that they do not mistreat the hair

They can be a plus to highlight your fantasy tone

On the bangs they look spectacular

You can use them only one night

They are perfect and flashy little flashes

In pink tones they look very pretty

You can mix them to have a rainbow in your hair

Let them camouflage a little with your hair

In short hair they look spectacular

They can be curled or ironed

The glitter is the protagonist

You decide, this year you shine like a diamond


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