Trendy male cuts. Pompadour, the cut for men that always comes back into fashion

Trendy male cuts

Here is the current king of trendy male cuts: Pompadour, the cut for men that always comes back in fashion (after all it’s been in vogue since the eighteenth century…). What is it, and why do you like it so much right now? All the ways to bring your hair to pompadour today.

The hairstyle for a man at Pompadour is nothing but the “tuft” tall, combed backwards, which you see now everywhere in magazines, on Instagram and on the bus and that in the common imagination is associated with a man cared for, a the page, with an ageless charm. We learn everything: where it comes from, how it is taken, how to choose the right one.

Trendy male cuts: Pompadour what it is

If you have no idea what we are saying, focus on the image of Elvis. But if you are reading this article, you probably already know what it is and you are looking for inspiration, hunting for the idea that suits you among the trendy male cuts of 2018.

Also because of pompadour there is not only one, there are several versions to choose from and to adapt to your style, the shape of your face, the beard…

First of all, we will find out how to take it today, but if you are curious to find out where it comes from and get to know its history, read it at the end of the page!

Types of hair cuts at pompadour

Among the trendy male cuts for 2018, inspirational photos for pompadour hair are not lacking: already Instagram is frighteningly full, including profiles of models, hair stylists and men’s hairstylists (in the picture, a cut Jean Louis David)! Precisely for this reason it is not easy to understand something and find the “own” style. We see some ideas with a single premise: it does not matter if smooth or curly, but of hair for this cut you have to have many and be willing to spend time to take care of your health and appearance. But now let’s explore the possibilities…

Pompadur classic cut

Shorter (but not too much) on the sides, the hair left longer in the middle is combed up and back with the hair dryer and fixed with gel or wax to last flawless all day. You can wear them especially if you have a regular and not too round face.

The length, height and precision of the tuft depend on your taste and the ability to manage the situation without the help of a professional: from the great heights of Mariano di Vaio to the more moderate Beckam (almost an ambassador of the cut): the first dares a head of “exaggerated”, fixing the decidedly up hair with a “combing” effect that not everyone would donate.

David – who has shown various versions of the cut over time – chooses a softer styling, without excesses and style.

Modern pompadour: decomposed and disheveled

Another reinterpretation of the classic “ciuffone” is the pompadour textured, that is a bit messy, but artfully: instead of combing it, it is a question of shaping the locks a little bit in order to obtain a bed-head / excuse pupa effect without a helmet . It is particularly suitable for those with wavy or curly hair, or particularly large and difficult to tame, and for those who want a look a bit ‘more wild and irreverent.

Pompadour with the line

In this case the crown is moved to one side (completely or only as an idea of direction) highlighting the “line”. As in other cases, the length of the hair and the height of the styling are at the discretion. You can take it in a very tidy version pulled by a compass or more relaxed, perhaps with a hint of blur.

Pompadour shaved on the sides (undercut pompadour)

Some people prefer to keep the hair very short on the sides, creating a marked difference with respect to the length of the tuft: it is the pompier undercut. If you like to dare, abandon the atmosphere of a good boy and ask for ornamental lines on the short side or, even, a shaving almost to zero to get a mohicana.

Pompadour with a beard

The spread of hipster aesthetics led to the (lucky) wedding of beard and mustache with pompadour cut. They agree, as long as they consider the balance of the lengths, which should be proportioned between beard and hair to balance the face.

Trendy male cuts over 50

It may look like the typical juvenile haircut, that you see at the top of the kids in the disco or out of school, but it’s not just fashionisty stuff: the charm of a vintage pompadour worn with style, without excess, on gray hair is incomparable (and the examples to follow today are not lacking, starting from Greg Berzinsky).

What you need for a perfect pompadour style

Making a pompadour cut today is like preparing a classic recipe: you can make it as a grandmother, or revisit it, lighten it, cool it and replace the black pepper with chia seeds. But there are ingredients that can not be missing. An expert and up-to-date barber is indispensable for cutting. To maintain the hairstyle you need a brush and hairdryer, to “pull” the tuft, and a quality kit for a perfect grooming: wax or gel, spray to fix, and do not forget to take care of the hair health by periodically treating it with products for nourishment!

The story of the pompadour cut: where does it come from?

As we have seen, he is now raging between the men’s cuts 2018, but he has come a long, long way. Madame de Pompadour, favorite of Louis XV, in the eighteenth century what we would call today an influencer: cultured and brilliant, influenced the arts and fashion of that time and inspired that style of hair style that incredibly survived to us, living at this moment a great return, especially as regards, in fact, the male haircuts.

Disappeared for a long time, the habit of letting a voluminous tuft grow began to re-emerge in the second post-war period, partly as a reaction to the drastic necessities of the military cut, which no one wanted to think about anymore.

If in the ’40s and’ 50s the high hairstyle at the center of the head remained a question above all female, fashion was cleared in an explosive way with the advent of rock and roll, rockabilly in particular, and a certain type of mythology musical and cinematographic: first of all Elvis (then imitated by our Little Tony and Bobby Solo, for whom we are used to talking jokingly about the “banana” or “bonnet”), but also Johnny Cash and James Dean to mention only the icons notes to all.

Between ’50 and ’60 the pompadour cut was also the figure of the subculture greaser (from grease, “brillantina”, not for nothing also the title of the famous musical with a slicked John Travolta), from the content originally socio-political then – as often happens – resulted in fashion and refreshed even in the ’70s: “tall” and very combed hair, tattoos, a switchblade knife (!) As an ornament, Italian clothes and shoes (just like that: the reference to a real Italian origin or millenary was part If you think about it, Fonzie is going to Fonzarelli, for those who know what we are talking about).

In the 80s the hairstyle became contaminated with punk atmospheres, with specific reference to the psychobilly music movement, to become a real crest.

The idea was abandoned for a while, but already 5 or 6 years ago it began to meander, especially the female (Katy Perry, Scarlett Johansson), and then rise again and invade all the barber shop.

Now you know everything about the trendy male cuts for 2018, and which one of these will you choose?

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