Trendy hairstyles for short hair quickly and beautifully. Elegant stacking options

Hairstyles for Short Hair

The principles of creating beautiful hairstyles for short hair

Short hair styling gives you the opportunity to try out various images. Contrary to popular belief, the hairstyle is not an obstacle to creating feminine, romantic hairstyles. Today a woman is fashionable, if, at first glance, her creation, the installation took only a couple of minutes.

Gaining popularity in the rejection of elastic band rubber, at least that does not have to be seen. Latest fashion trends: femininity naturalness, in case of slight negligence.

There are several key principles for creating hairstyles:

Individual hair feature

Thin, weak or thin hair always need more volume.

What are the tools necessary for the installation

The minimum set contains: a fine and coarse comb, teeth, hair, curlers, hair irons or curling iron, curling the hair, curling the ribs.

Which can be used for decoration

Almost any haircut on short hair can be quickly and decorated with ribbons, flowers, brooches with stones, rhinestones or beads.

Of beautiful style your hair, you can go to a professional hairdresser, but creating hairstyles with their hands will liven up your imagination.

If you know the basics, even at home, to make it really elegant and beautiful hairstyle for every day or for a holiday.

Romantic crown

Short hair looks like a nice “romantic crown” hairstyle in a quick and elegant styling perfect for any occasion.

First, the whole mass of hair to hydrate is divided into two parts, either directly or side truncation. Opposite, from the beginning of the part on each side, bend along the harness, to pick up strands around the face. The harness can result at the level of the ear or go up to the neck, depending on the length of the hairstyle.

The tails and the remaining hairs back and rotate in the same wirings, overlapped on each other, forming a whole «crown». The hair is not canceled, they need to resolve invisible.

Strands give the image of lightness and romance, are set with hairspray and great hair or bangs is best pin up along the crown.

It is important to know! The hair looks natural, if invisible and pin will be matched to the hair color.

«Romantic crown» opens the face and is not suitable for women around the shape of the face. Haircut decorated with flowers, ribbons, beautiful feet.

Charming curls for the quads

Curls for the quads is a versatile hairstyle with many variations, which are suitable for any type of person. The hedgehog is wrapped on curlers, curls or curling irons, put or leave “as is”, maintaining the consistency and shape of the curls.

Curls are of different types: spiral small curls, large hair, messy curls.

But not all types of hairstyles are suitable for the insertion point, the small curls too shorten the hair, and the spiral is only good on long hair. The classic Bob is better to do the big curls and messy curls.

Elegant hairstyle for short hair, fast and beautiful:

the entire mass of hair is divided into two horizontal parts, high strands of a crab stabbing, the wave starts from the bottom the strands of hair are of average size wind on large rollers or curling in one direction, leaving the ends the top of the curl in two directions: the right half to the left, from left to right, so that the curls will be symmetrical when viewed from the front, blow dry hair with a hair dryer (if used curlers) hands to simulate hair or cut curly strands of hair into curls, bang curls with the mass of hair or in the sky a couple of times.

When you need to make soft and romantic curls, fixing the spray is used only at the end, and to obtain a clear and bouncy curls, before curling apply the mousse or foam. Styling tools should be used carefully, excessive curls weight.

Curls for the quads give the volume of the hair, depending on the direction of curls, you can open the face, or vice versa, to adjust its framing curls shape.

“Retro” style haircut

From the variety of retro hairstyles to short hair look particularly stylish «Marseille on air», a modern interpretation of «Hollywood wave» that has been created on their basis.

Classic Marseille waves are a clear alternation of «ridge-trough» and is performed in two ways: forceps (hot method) or with hair clips (cold method).

Short hair styling suitable for cold, clean the hair with a side parting is divided into two parts. From one ear to the other is another part, two on the back of the hair together and fasten crab, on the facade there are two: big and small.

The waveform of the two threads on the hair, apply the gel, comb with care, its distribution along the entire length. Here you will need a comb with small teeth, with the help of the hair to set the desired direction.

How to make a nice wave:

hair, stepping back 1 cm from the parting off, the first wave is always higher, with a comb, regular movements given the first touch and fixed by long hair clips, each «wave» is fixed with clips on the sides and in the middle, the vehicle moves to the side of the face for 1 – 2 cm.

Thus, the entire lock of hair is folded in the shape of the letter “S” when creating a retro-styling gel dries quickly, because all movements must be fast and safe. To make the hair easier comb-shaped to periodically insert some gels.

Similarly mount the second front strand. If the stacking is done on a penalty, then the back of the hair retracts into a small package or cone, and the ends of the torsion waves around its base.

The result is a classic retro, elegant hair style, 20 years old, like the famous Barbara Kent. Marseille wave is good “lie down” and the classic Bob, top and back of the hair, in this case, curl, flip or align and place my hair with a small amount of gel.



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