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Trendy Haircut Waterfall 2019: Ideas for the Elegant Image


An integral part of the interesting female character – a beautiful, well-groomed, haircut, including cascading haircut. Proper choice of hairstyle can create a real miracle with women an appearance helping to make it more feminine, young and seductive. The choice of haircut should be addressed with all responsibilities, preferring haircuts, suitable for the structure and color of the hair, the characteristics and the oval of the face.

The most important features of cascading haircut

Cascading haircut is often confused with the so-called “scale”. However, this is completely another hairstyle with huge differences. When cascading hair astrosaurs on the entire length from the top, when the ladder provides for the transformation only the ends.

A cascading hair cut upper layers of hair are always slightly shorter than the lower one, this way you get the desired shape and volume. A technique of creating this layered hairstyle is quite complicated and requires a long time for its perfect development. The right cascading haircut involves length transition, which are carefully veiled and not apparent. Different lengths of the tips is considered the main point of cascading haircut, so we are trying to emphasize.

Cascading haircut has several varieties:

haircut with a gradual transition length – the effect is achieved due to the increase in the number of layers and further careful incomplete thinning cascade, a multi-cut, in which the transitions are more obvious graduated cascade locks astrosaurs in the corner, which makes the hairstyle more volume over the entire length, starting from the top

Suitable for cascading haircut

Cascading hairstyles are liked by many girls just because they look great on almost all types of face. It is important to find the right way to perform the waterfall. Here are some professional hair stylist tips that will help you choose your haircut:

owners of circular faces suit hairstyle with a long front strands of hair under the jaw. Top is more voluminous and oblique or long bangs. girls with a tight face make bangs thick, and her hair drawn up in the form of half-faced feathers. The less cumbersome, middle hair cascade to start cutting the ears. owners chin tight fitting hair, where the main volume is concentrated on the lower face, that is, the levels start to cut off just above the chin.

The pros and cons of cascading haircut

Cascade has many advantages, which are used to create an elegant, curated look. Among them:

haircut suitable for everyone, it is versatile for all types of hair and face shape the most voluminous hair and easier grooming helps regulate the shape of the waterfall face can be made on smooth, wavy and curly hair hairstyle is suitable for business and young people, the image of haircut does not require complicated installation and assistance procedures.

Among the disadvantages of cascading haircut can be distinguished in:

hair, carelessly spread on the shoulders, looking, naturally, feminine, but this hairstyle is not suitable for girls who leads an active lifestyle. Hair always go in person and get in the way. the thick nature of the hair, cascading haircut can give extra unwanted volume. To put this head of hair will be much more difficult. waterfall seems perfect only in case you work on it the professional master. In the absence of experience, the waterfall will look sloppy and untidy. Cascading haircut requires a periodic adjustment, so be ready to visit a beauty salon with at least 1 time in 2 months.

Cascading haircut on short hair, 2019

Cascading hairstyles on short hair will help girls who want to see voluminous, luminous and airy strands. This hairstyle does not require complicated care and allows its owner to regularly change the images without going to a beauty salon.

Cascading haircut on short hair can be done in different ways:

the classic waterfall is the passage between the running length from top to bottom. This option is suitable for everyone, without exception, even for older people. cascade with ragged strands of a hairstyle is dominated by irregular curls that focus on specific areas of the head, for example, the crown or the frozen temples cascade of hair with curls of approximately the same size, across its length and jagged ends.

Cascading haircut on universal short hair. It adapts to owners of straight and wavy hair. Careful thinning helps to achieve lightness of the hair, while skilled artisans perform this procedure with a razor sharp.

Medium hair cascade haircut 2019

Options cascade of medium hair of a lot. The choice depends on the shape of the face, the structure and the condition of the hair. The most relevant option for modern girls is the waterfall with a straight with bangs. This hairstyle can not afford all women, because it requires perfect in every way person. It was the bangs will help to hide or correct defects of the face and create a beautiful hairstyle. Haircut with straight bangs looks good on the owners of an entity. Thick straight bangs make the face visually shorter, hiding the wrinkles on the forehead.

Original and fresh waterfall look with oblique bangs. The length of the bangs may vary. Some haircuts with bangs on one side, others, let the level of the cheekbones. The most catchy looks ekstremalne haircut with long bangs, literally covers the entire face. Often such long bangs divided into two strands and neatly stacked on two sides.

Cascading haircut of long hair 2019

Waterfall of long hair have a very elegant and feminine appearance. Haircut is ideal for girls who want to bring something new and original without long curls.

Cascading haircut of long hair does not affect the main volume of curls. The thinning is subjected only to the upper front part of the hair with a minimum width of 1.5-2 to see is this, the so-called block control, cut into the desired length. Usually the short filaments run at the chin level, and the rest gradually increase the, to reach the main length of the hair.

Cascading haircut like fashion not only for its pleasant appearance, ease of installation and ease of execution. Hair with cascading haircut is easy to fit in a chignon or ponytail if we’re talking about long or medium hair. If you are ready for an elegant experience, the waterfall exactly you need. If you prefer original and extravagant, images, then, cascade over short hair also to save you.



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