Trendy Hair Colors Summer 2024


Do you want to change the color of your hair but can’t decide? We leave you the main hair dye colors that are in fashion in spring summer 2024 so that you can get inspired and choose your new look.

Get ready to bring those darker shades to life with dazzling shine. Copper tones, luxurious browns, light brown tones, golden blondes and bronzes are the options that are in our sights as the most notable trends.

Let’s take a look at the summer 2024 hair colors. Whether you decide to embrace your natural tone this season or venture into the world of hair dye, you’ll find a wide range of runway colors to inspire you.

Blonde under the sun

“Blonde in the Sun” combines a deep brunette base with subtle golden highlights that enhance the midsections and ends of the hair.

The “bronde” or “cappuccino blonde” trend is on the rise, especially among celebrities returning to their hair roots.

This shade offers a balance between blonde and brunette, providing versatility without the intensive maintenance of full blonde. Perfect for those looking for a sunny look without exposing their hair to UV damage. A fashion choice that illuminates without compromising hair health.

Brunette face

The Elegance of the Brunette in the Sun. The expensive brown has dominated the hair scene in recent months and is here to stay.

This trend involves embracing the natural beauty of your dark hair, but giving it dimension and depth. The subtle warm highlights, almost reddish tints, added to dark brown hair bring a sense of opulence and vitality to your natural tone.

Strawberry Blonde

Currently, reddish tones are booming. The combination of soft copper tones intertwined with golden highlights results in a spectacular natural copper hue, similar to that of baby hair.

Ash gold

Are you looking for a blonde tone that is not extremely striking? Ash gold is a neutral blonde that exudes elegance throughout. It is a soft shade that does not present excessive warmth, but it also does not lean towards ashy or platinum.

This tone represents the perfect balance between warm and cool blonde. Although ultra-platinum blondes and lighter shades can be visually stunning, they are often unrealistic and can damage hair if applied to the wrong hair type.


Red hair always stands out, so it’s inevitable that we’ve noticed all the stunning beauties who made red one of the standout hair colors of spring.

Pink hair

Exploring creative colors is always a fun experience and can become the quintessential statement accessory during the summer.

Although some tresses opted for green and blue hues on the whimsical runway, pink stood out as a favorite.

Black and blonde hair

This contrasting look could be ready for a comeback, as spotted at London Fashion Week. It is a sophisticated black hairstyle with bold blonde highlights strategically distributed.

Although blonde is commonly the protagonist in this trend, it is not an unbreakable rule.


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