Trendy accessories: the headband is the real must have

Trendy accessories

Even the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, wears it: we’re talking about the little circle! Maxi, with rhinestones or studs, is the real trend of this spring 2019

In recent years, fashion has decided to revive in great style many vintage elements that we considered now disappeared forever. This winter 2019 it seems that the time has come to wear accessories, first of all: the headband.

Among the hair accessories, the headband, along with the bands, is certainly among the most conspicuous and that’s exactly what the fashion of the moment wants it, indeed, it wants maxi. The bigger and more flashy the better. Whether in velvet or super-embellished with Kate Middleton, or in satin and with studs, in rock version, the maxi circlet is the must-have accessory that should not be missed absolutely, perfect for winter, but also for the spring season .

We find out below the various models and how to bring them to have an impeccable style.

Maxi circlet: different models and proposals

The mania for the headband has really exploded, not only on the catwalks of the major designers, but also among the most famous stars and the most followed influencers of the moment.

The Duchess of Cambridge has made her own version of the tiara, showing off on numerous occasions and in combination with simple and different hairstyles. His favorite is certainly the classic rounded velvet model, but on special occasions he has not given up on show off some elegantly decorated versions with flowers and pearls.

If the most fashionable model is certainly the maxi velvet headband, able to give an elegant and refined air even in combination with urban style sports clothes, the stylists do not even leave out the tastes of the most transgressive. Some models proposed on the catwalks in fact, covered in satin and covered with studs, have a style certainly rock.

There are also, among the various proposals, even the hair bands embellished with rhinestones for a bold look. In short, there are something for all tastes, just find what’s right for you!

How to wear the headband?

But what are the hairstyles that can be combined with such a strong and important accessory? There is no single answer to this question, but the important thing is to keep in mind not to overdo it with the hairstyles. Whether you have short, medium, long, curly, smooth or wavy hair, it does not matter, because the maxi circlet is good for everyone, even for those with curly hair.

Among the most fashionable hairstyles to combine with this accessory is definitely the chignon, both classic and lateral, elegant and refined, but you can also opt for a simple ponytail low and well combed or for a long bob.

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