Trends 2019: coral hair from the Living Coral Pantone

Coral Pantone

Also this year Pantone wanted to impress: the living coral is the perfect color to create fantastic coral hair and leave everyone breathless

The Pantone color 2019 has been elected and is the fantastic Living Coral that, for the next few months, will become a cult in the world of fashion, design, beauty and style. Why not choose this Pantone color from 2019 to renew your look with a super revolutionary hairstyle and a touch of glamor?

Here are some perfect ideas to show off some fantastic coral hair and leave everyone breathless.

Coral hair: when style knows how to set trends

The choice of Pantone for 2019 has conquered the overwhelming majority of the female public, proposing a bright color, but at the same time easily portable. The Living Coral is in fact bright, lively and engaging, perfectly suited to give a sense of carefree to leave everyone speechless.

So why not choose it for a wow-effect hairstyle? Here are some perfect ideas to show off in 2019:

  • long coral hair is already a trend on the runways of the most famous designers around the world: this hairstyle, absolutely irresistible, gives a lot of personality to those who can not give up its long hair. There are two proposals that have been more successful: coral pink hairlook with lively and voluminous lengths and romantic hairstyle on coral hair with a shaded tint, as it had been with the Vanilla Lilac, also ideal for an elegant evening or gala;
  • another proposal in the name of style is the super short bob helmet with coral bangs: ideal for enhancing girls with a clearer complexion and with blue or green eyes, this hairstyle can do real wonders;
  • finally the super smooth bob bob bob with coral reflections gives a truly unforgettable glam pop look: impossible to go unnoticed with this hair!

Living Color: Pantone’s choice for 2019

With a feminine, lively and pop character, Living Coral, which is distinguished by the code 16-1546, was elected by Istituto Pantone as the top color for 2019, thus establishing itself a trend in the world of design, fashion and of course also in that of beauty. There are many designers who have already left their mark on their runways, showing off top models with fantastic coral hair. Pantone is absolutely the world authority in terms of color and this choice is not at all random: in addition to being a beautiful color, which can not go unnoticed, Living Coral has a specific task: bring into the lives of people, especially the public feminine, a breath of lightness and spontaneity, in everyday life and also in all the top haircuts of 2019.

But why was this color chosen? Leatrice Eiseman, who presides over the Pantone Color Institute, said that Living Coral recalls the coral reef and the vibrant color of the sunset, is present in many places that everyone would like to visit and in others threatened by climate change and pollution, and finally “so as coral enriches marine life, we want to enrich this color and keep it alive “.

The choice to show off a different hairstyle, focusing on coral hair, is not only aesthetic, but also valuable: deciding to give your daily life greater lightness and spontaneity is certainly an excellent message to start the best way in 2019.

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