Trend Wedding Hairstyles in Autumn-Winter 2018-2019

wedding hairstyles in autumn-winter 2018-2019

Wedding hair is the main component of the bride’s ready-to-wear image. It emphasizes the stylistic solution is chosen for the solemn event, visually adjust the shape and characteristics of the face, emphasizes the tenderness, femininity and elegance of its owner.

For the next autumn-winter 2018-2019 fashion trends for brides that are more beautiful and various wedding hairstyles and styling, colorful and interesting accessories. Photos, see below.

Wedding Hairstyles in Autumn-Winter 2018-2019, fashion trends

Most variations in hair styles offered by hairdressers-hairdressers, without the help of a professional not to do, at least as shown in the picture (see below). Of course there are exceptions!

Hollywood waves

For example, Sovremennaya enjoying a boom among celebrities and fashionistas – “Hollywood waves”, is easily reproduced with his hands the means at hand. It will need: massage brush and comb (to separate rare), hair, lacquer and foam.

Step by step guide for wedding styling:

  1. Comb the hair clean massage comb and separate the rare.
  2. Using the comb you need hair to the roots (for volume) and sprinkle with the paint.
  3. Separated by the first lock of hair, apply the foam and head (yourself) forceps. Repeat the same with other elements.
  4. Ready styling comb lightly to get a slight guilt and pour the paint.

The effect of wet hair

Another wedding hairstyle for fall-winter 2018-2019, which can be done at home with the help of improvised means. To create it you need mousse or hair, comb and nail polish. The final result depends on your wishes and fantasies.

The beam

Seemingly simple hairstyle that is easy to do yourself … but marriage tendencies to offer not just a bundle, and variation with a “twist”. Among the most popular: low beam with a moderate negligence, high, with steep curls, Babette and “Russian tip.”

Greek hairstyles

Wedding hairstyles in the autumn-winter 2018-2019 in style “The Aphrodite” as you try not to, but their hands. Therefore, it is better to choose the right and trust are an important part of the image – professional.

The bow of hair

It is not strange, but the hair bow inserted the list of popular wedding hairstyles of the new season. The variation of the haircut decorated with Swarovski studs is particularly relevant.


A classic of the kind that never goes out of fashion many seasons – braids and basic hairstyles on them. Great these hairstyles look great on long and medium length hair.

Which accessories can I use? List:

  • afinka;
  • live and artificial flowers;
  • tape;
  • clothespins and tiara;
  • the Bridal veil;
  • hat with a veil.

Photos of fashionable and beautiful wedding hairstyles in autumn-winter season 2018-2019:


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