Trend Wavy Hairstyles 2019


There is no doubt that hairstyles with waves are very sexy. And for that reason, they resist the trends of the moment and never go out of style. You can wear them with either a long or short mane. There are for all tastes and styles, as well as for every woman’s age.

Water waves

The waves to the water can take very light or also very defined, depends on your hair and personal taste. No matter if you wear your hair loose or collected, this style looks super feminine and elegant, perfect for a party or ceremony.


The waves to the water are very attractive and also versatile because you can take advantage of a girl with short or long hair.

Outstanding styles stand out, with no more detail than a healthy and attractive hair, accompanied by a soft undulation.

To achieve these hairstyles, the secret lies in hair products. You have to provide what you need each area, mousse for waves defined in what we are going to undulate, and fixer spray in the straight that we are going to show off.

You can opt for a cascade of waves that start from the middle of the mane, so the upper part of it is limp. Go with or without bangs, this is a trend that gives a lot of movement to your hair and a lot of body.

Rippled and semi-limp, and slightly disheveled, that hair looks fabulous.

The disheveled effect brings a lot of volume and movement and looks simply beautiful and makes long hair look extra.


A simple brooch collecting the hair on one side of the head, is more than enough to get a simple but very sophisticated hairstyle.


For the parties without a doubt, the best styles are those picked because they are even more successful than a loose mane, and can also be very sexy.

There are occasions when the collected hair is the most suitable for some outfits such as a nice dress without shoulders, specially chosen jewels or a makeup that we want to put as the most attractive point of the look we wear.

Waves in short hair


The waves are more fashionable than ever, and also for short hair. You do not have to think about many curls or very defined waves, because the fashion that goes is very light.

It is an easy and flattering hairstyle because it gives volume and movement to the hair and always looks good. In addition, it is very simple and quick to achieve.


The waves come well for day to day and with a detail like a hairpin, a hair accessory, or a braid, they become flirty night styles.


And among many trends for parties, highlights those collected with waves, a way to collect hair while also taking advantage of another great trend that is wavy hair.

Another collected, so simple but so attractive, thanks to the wavy hair contributes a lot to it.

Hairstyles with medium hair waves


We can choose between slightly waving some wicks as in the upper image where the hair goes with ripples along the hair and ends. While in the second image, the waves are very loose only at the tips.


Collected on the crown of the head, with a light carding, it can be a great option for a medium length mane.


The low bows are the best to show the ripples of the hair.

Waves in long hair



You can bet on a long hair with waves that are semi-absorbed, so you give a sexy touch to your hair. And you can also choose a detail as an accessory that can be a flower or a crystal brooch.

You can also take advantage of the braids, which can be worn in different sizes and styles. For the youngest ones, the hairstyle of the lower image is a flirty braid that looks very much in line with a relaxed summer style. A hair a soft fall of waves is perfect to go to a party or an appointment and to see the waves more defined.

Wavy hair by nature can be seen with more movement than straight hair. Just holding some locks that fall coquettishly, you can achieve a fabulous hairstyle.


Very wavy or with a few waves, they look very elegant within the maximum modernity. It does not take more than a low knot like the one that has most of them and from there to drop loose locks. Loose strands are an effect that is still very much in vogue.

They can also be worn with the bun slightly higher or lower. Do not forget that these collected hairstyles are so attractive that they do not need ornaments that you would put on others, in their simplicity they look even more flattering.


A ponytail becomes a total coquettishness with a wavy mane, adding an ornament like flowers, without any discussion, a great hairstyle for summer, which is easy and elegant.


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