Know the trend in haircuts 2020

Haircuts for 2020

They say that all the changes are good and it is certainly true, no matter how big or small, once we execute it we feel renewed and wanting to do things. And frankly that happens with the hair, not only because it is an important aspect for most women because thanks to the mane we feel empowered, strong and even independent; but in the same way, from time to time, we need a main reset, or in other words a change of look that helps us to release things and change airs.

If that is your case we leave you the trends that will be during this 2020 in haircuts, regardless of the length you have; So you take ideas, inspiration and most importantly: the desire and decision to go with your stylist for your new look change.

Short hair

Just for all those girls who are looking for a drastic change in their hairstyle and style, we leave you the best options:



Short bob


Shaved hair

Half mane

For those who wish to make a change but do not want to say goodbye to their entire hair.

Long bob

Long layered bob

Shaggy or shag

Long hair

If none of the above options convince you but you want to have your hair fixed, there are options that will work great because you should know that long hair never goes out of style, so here are a couple of options.

Extra long straight

Extra long layered


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