Trend Haircuts for men 2019

Haircuts for men

Haircuts for men 2019: These are the looks of hair that women most love to see in a man depending on his style.

The new year calls for a new look for women and men, because when we show our best version, we feel better with ourselves and are able to fulfill our purposes. While each style is different, there are certain features that attract women’s attention more easily than others, that’s why we present below the haircuts for men 2019 that you should try if you want to give a twist to your appearance.

Haircuts for men 2019 for each style

Medium and short on the sides

A medium cut is ideal for curly or curly hair, slightly shorter at the sides and longer at the top can be dried with a dryer to get more volume and fixed with spray.

Party in half and combed back

This cut is ideal for those who have straight hair and prefer to keep it slightly long, cut into light layers to add texture and combs back with a little gel.

Loose curls

If the hair is slightly curly a medium cut in layers will give texture, just comb it with a little gel and leave some loose strands to make this look look.


Medium on the top and gradient on the sides, it is ideal for a youthful look.


Long wavy hair is not only for girls, men who prefer to let their hair grow can add some long layers to give it more movement, they can wear it loose or in chongo.

Hard Part

Characteristic to follow a very defined line, is usually short and textured, ideal for those who have straight hair and prefer short.

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