Toasted Coconut Hair Color: The Trend Hair

toasted coconut hair color

All you need to know about the Toasted Coconut Hair Color

Girlfriends with blond or brunette hair, get ready for a real revolution: the color hair toasted coconut has arrived. What shades are we talking about? Try to dwell on the words toasted coconut … literally coconut toasted. Oh yes, because the coconut hair toasted just remember that color between the cold white of coconut milk and the brown color of freshly toasted coconut.

It may seem absurd how on a single hair can finish colors so different from each other. Yet the result was a success that was unpopular among the Star of the Overseas. Not to mention that it has already become a trend topic on Instagram.

What are the shades of Toasted Coconut?

The main concept of toasted coconut seems to be only one: having fun with cold and warm nuances on a foliage with a medium or long climbing length. In toasted coconut it goes from platinum to silver, combining it with warmer and darker colors, like honey or dark blond.

Fade the hair, darken the roots, play with the platinum contrasts, honey and toasted coconut for an absolutely cool effect. The particularity and beauty of toasted coconut is that we speak of a totally customizable color, ideal for those who like to reinvent themselves and change from the hair.

There is no real rule to follow in toasted coconut. The important thing is that you start with a base of natural blond or brown, so that the darker roots gently accompany the lighter lengths. The main concept of toasted coconut is to try to combine warm and cold tones in the crown, perfectly combined and blended together in a result with an amazing effect.

We start by leaving the dark roots visible, proceeding with balayage and dégradé effects and nuances of bright tones that “turn off” towards the blond milk. It starts from brown roots continuing with lightening on the lengths and ends, making them bright with blonde highlighters from the most diverse cold nuances. Everything is played on the ability to work with the nuances, essential to make the union of colors so different and so sweet and harmonious.

Light blond, platinum, silver, milk color but also honey and dark blond in a single solution that recalls the contrast between coconut milk and the dark shell that holds it. A feeling of exotic on the hair is just what it takes to face the winter with spirit and decision. It is no coincidence that one of the qualities of toasted coconut is that it immediately gives freshness and brightness to the face, enhancing its complexion with a natural effect.

Hair Color Toasted Coconut: the right cut

The toasted coconut hair color is certainly a tempting idea for the most daring and lovers of the latest trends. But, perhaps, it should be noted that this color may not give to all for a variety of reasons. First of all there is the length of the hair: a color that plays on effects so much nuanced, it is clearly more suitable for long or medium length cuts. In this way, shades and scaling work in unison to make the hair intense and vibrant.

Hair Color Toasted Coconut: who is it good for?

Another important tip for toasted coconut is to consider the complexion. In the same way that attention has to be paid to the natural base of the hair, so should the skin tone be taken into account. The toasted coconut hair color is perfect for those who have an amber or otherwise clear complexion; while those who have a dark complexion, the choice is not the best, since a color so clear and particular of hair would create dissonance and contrasts too clean. The result? An artificial and totally unnatural effect that would not follow the concept of toasted coconut.

Toasted Coconut: how to keep the color at home

When you decide to make a hair color so special, we must be well aware that even home maintenance will not be the simplest. The use of ad hoc products that protect the color during cleansing and styling plays an essential role. Since the toasted coconut has shades of silver, platinum and milky white, it is appropriate to opt for shampoo, conditioner and masks of professional quality lines that protect the white from yellowing. An obligatory choice if you think that the toasted coconut revolves around the shades of white.

Are you ready for hot days? So get ready to fly to the tropics with toasted coconut: summer is coming!

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