Tint in pregnancy: some precautions to avoid risks

Tint in pregnancy: some precautions to avoid risks

Although in the past it was strongly advised against the dye for pregnant hair, now there are natural solutions such as Henna and dyes without ammonia to revive the hair during the sweet wait

If, in the past, dyeing the hair during pregnancy was completely discouraged, today there has been a reversal of tendency and, with some precautions, it is possible to continue dyeing the hair also during this period.

Here is a guide on pregnant dye, to dispel doubts and offer advice on how to dye your hair safely during pregnancy.

Tint in pregnancy: what are the risks?

The scalp, like the skin, is able to absorb the substances with which it comes into contact, and for this, in case of harmful substances, it causes discomfort and dryness of the skin. You need to use the advice of the hairdresser when you feel itchy scalp: as a professional, he will advise the treatments to counter it and thus remedy the problem.

The traditional hair dyes are composed of chemical agents that, although in small part, can be absorbed through the scalp and pass from the mother to the fetus. Because of this, in the past it was totally inadvisable to dye pregnant hair.

Today, thanks to increasingly safe colors, with some small measures you can continue to dye your hair even during pregnancy.

All the secrets for a pregnant color without risks

It is often thought that pregnancy is a period of restrictions, but it is not always true: just as it is possible to continue – and even recommended – physical activity during pregnancy, you can also make hair dyes by taking some due precaution.

Here are the secrets to change color to pregnant hair in complete safety:

1- No color in the first quarter

Oh yes, this is one of the basic rules: no dye for the first three months of pregnancy! This is the most delicate period ever, because it is the one in which all the organs of the child are formed; this is why it is important to avoid chemicals that could reach the fetus.

After this period, however, you can run to the hairdresser and have fun especially if you are expecting special occasions and have already chosen your maternity dress.

2- Talk about pregnancy to the hairdresser of trust

Surely, those who have the habit of dyeing their hair, have their own hairdresser of trust. When you come to him to ask for hair color, let him know that he is waiting for you, so that he can use the right product for you.

3- Beware of the do – it – yourself

If, on the other hand, you’re used to doing the dye at home, you’ll have to pay a little more attention. First of all, buy the color in the specialized shops in cosmetics or supermarkets, choosing only products of proven quality.

Before buying the dye, check the label well, focusing on hair dyes without ammonia which are a little more delicate on the skin.

4 – Do not leave the dye in place for too long

This rule applies especially if you take care of applying hair dye. In general, it would be advisable not to exceed 30/60 minutes at most, as far as the shutter speed is concerned.

5 – Better the natural colors

The natural colors are a valid alternative to the classic hair colors. These colors, besides not containing ammonia, are less aggressive for the scalp, which may be more sensitive during the period of pregnancy. The most recommended are those based on Henna, colored with natural pigments such as blueberry and walnut.

6 – Green light

As for the sunstrokes, however, you can feel comfortable and do them whenever you want, since the color never comes into contact with the scalp.

In short, dear future mothers, after the first trimester of pregnancy, you can do the hair color any time you want, and maybe show off in this period of happiness, a super trendy blonde tint!


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