These are the hair cuts of the famous ones that you will wear in 2019

Famous Hair Cuts

Only one and a half months left to finish the year and I’m sure you want to start 2019 with a new look change. Surely these haircuts, which already look the famous, will serve as inspiration to go to the pelu.

The best thing that has brought this season is the versatility in terms of haircuts, long hair and hairstyles. The trends range from the very short ‘pixie‘ to the manes of size XL, going through the ‘microbob’ or the ‘lob’. In this way, we can all find the hair look that best suits our factions, hair type and lifestyle, without giving up wearing the latest hair trends. With what change of hair look will you dare to start 2019?

Famous Hair Cuts


Despite being the most radical haircut, celebrities like Katy Perry are still betting on him. “It adapts to all types of features, although it especially favors women with long necks and short stature,” says David Lesur, of the David Künzle salons in Madrid. Of course, the visit to the hairdresser every four or six weeks to fix and keep the cut, becomes inescapable.

Short hair, maxi bangs

When you are letting your hair grow, as in the case of Cara Delevingne, you have to help yourself with the layers and the bangs to try to shape it and achieve a cut that is easy to comb and versatile. “The longer bangs, stripped and tilted allow you to play with your hair,” says Vanesa Sánchez, director of the Naturalmente Madrid lounge.

Short and full-bodied

Short hair has been imposed as the king of the hairdresser and the red carpet, thanks to Úrsula Corberó. “It takes with much movement and natural volume, which is achieved by wrinkling the hair with the fingers as if we wanted to curl it. In this way we manage to take it off well from the root “, advise from the Noelia Jiménez room.


This look that looks Jessica Chastain is a new variation of the cut ‘bob’. Just below the chin, it is lighter but just as sophisticated as the classic cut. It is fast to comb, very feminine, much more versatile than it seems. “The best option is to wear the mane with texture and not too straight to bring freshness to the face,” recommends Daniele Sigigliano, creative director of Blow Dry Bar Madrid.

Curtain bangs

Open in curtain, like that of Dakota Johnson, is the option of winning bangs. They comb with the dryer and helping your fingers so that it is not too limp. If you are looking to stylize your features it is important to ride it and make a smooth run, with longer sides than the central area “, proposes Eduardo Sánchez, director of the Maison Eduardo Sánchez lounges.

Long wavy bob

“The key is that the nape of the neck is something shorter than the contour”, warn from the Rogelaine Lifestyle room. It is combed with waves, but not as marked as in previous seasons, but a more natural look in which the use of the iron or the pincers is practically not noticed, as in the case of Sandra Bullock. “Apply a small amount of volumizing cream on media and tips before giving you a blow of the dryer,” experts advise.

Extra long hair

XL size has resurfaced and long manes, just like that of Kim Kardashian, are a winning option. “If your face is round or square, it is advisable to have a parade from the chin to lengthen the facial oval. If it is oval or heart-shaped It will be more favored with a medium length and with a more or less long bangs, which balances the cut and prevents the mane from lengthening the face too much, “warns the hairdresser Diana Daureo.


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