These are the best short haircuts for 2019

short haircuts for 2019

Discover what type of haircut you should wear if you have a round, square, triangular, elongated or oval face and paint it with pride during 2019.

All Hair Cuts According to The Form of The Face

Are you looking for inspiration for a change of look? You have just arrived at the place where all the haircuts you need to know according to the shape of your face are. Now choose what your face looks like:

Round Face and Short Hair: Micropixie

Cara Delevingne has a pretty rounded face, that’s why that platinum micropixie looks so good that she has a hairstyle with a stripe on the side and a subtle wet effect. It is one of the short cuts of hair for more extreme round face but if you have symmetrical features you will be great.

Round Face and Short Hair: Minipixie

Kate Hudson is one of the culprits that ultra short hair is so fashionable and will continue to be throughout 2019. She has been dyed platinum, a great way to wear this color and make the face have more light. Being so short, it will give you a very flattering boyish look.

Round Face and Short Hair: Pixie

Round Face and Short Hair: Stripes to The Side with Volume

One of the most flattering short haircuts for round faces is to bet on clear temples, volume at the crown of the head and a bang half tilted. Scarlett Johansson feels great.

Round Face and Short Hair: Dandy

Kristin Scott Thomas is one of the most elegant actresses in Hollywood and her short hair is not far behind. She has chosen a short dandy haircut, with the long top and the shorter nape. This allows you to play with your hair and create different hairstyles that cut out your redondito face.

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