The tone ‘blond champignon’ is the trend of this season


The mushroom blond tone is the new trend in colorimetry. Although his name does not sound nice, the result is spectacular, worthy of a queen.

This new dye is the perfect combination of a chestnut base with subtone ash and clear wicks, is low maintenance and also provides volume and brightness.

From the kitchen to your hair

The blond mushroom is the color of summer

Its combination of chestnut and blonde is perfect

Provides an ashen effect

Does not require weekly tweaks

Give light to your face

And volume to your hair

It goes perfect in any length

It stays with brunettes and blondes

It can be as brown as you want

Maybe more blonde if you wish

Although her name is not so cute

The result will be to your liking

What are you waiting to mushroom your hair?

Join the summer trend and be a diva!


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