The perfect summer hair accessories

Summer hair accessories

Spring and summer 2019 are the perfect time to show off hair accessories: from headbands to headbands, here are the most trendy choices

Hair accessories are a must, especially when the warm weather arrives. Colorful, luxurious, simple, futuristic or retro, they can never be missing in any woman’s wardrobe. The golden rule of Spring Summer 2019, as far as hair accessories are concerned, is to combine sobriety and elegance with that extra touch that allows you to not go unnoticed.

The fashion designers’ shows offered multiple inspirations. A first trend is the romantic style, characterized by bows and accessories rich in flowers, rhinestones and feathers, while the most aggressive style involves the use of bronze clasps, rubber bands and iron crowns. Then there is the return to the past with curved and studded satin bands, in the 90s style, and the minimal trend that includes small ironware, very simple pliers and silver clips.

With the return of the gypsy style and seventies clothing, you cannot miss cheerful colored bandanas, scarves to be braided in the hair and of course the jewel accessories, showy and opulent, and always super shiny.

Flakes in your hair

The bow in the hair perfectly represents the timeless bon ton style that has enchanted for generations. Fixed to a circle or a clothespin, wrapped around a bun or to tie a tail, the bow can be combined with any outfit and hairstyle.

Of the most varied colors, fabrics and sizes, this year the bow, preferably made of cloth, is placed on the forehead or on the nape, as long as it is large and clearly visible. For dark hair (from brown to black) the perfect colors are electric blue, bright red, mustard, ocher or shades of yellow.

For blond or light hair, it is better to use pastel pink or even brown, while for reds, colors are ideal on honey or, to really amaze, emerald green.

Hair bands

Among the must-have accessories of spring / summer 2019, the hair bands could not be missing. A cult accessory from the 1960s, today the headband does not just stop the hair on the forehead, but enriches the simpler styling, such as the long bob, the shaved hair or the tail.

The proposals are the most varied and able to satisfy all tastes: from the classic 60s circle, one-color, rounded and in satin, to a more ’90s, large and rounded, enriched with bows, studs, pearls and rhinestones. Whatever style you prefer, this spring summer the headband is a must-have for summer, perfect even with the simplest hairstyles.

Elastic for hair

Among the hairstyles that will characterize this spring and summer, there are certainly the low tail and braid, two very simple but elegant hairstyles. Comfortable and practical, easy and fast, the tail or braid lend themselves perfectly to the classic beach hairlook.

This is why designers have decided to make these hairstyles even more chic with many models of elastic, original and sophisticated: from the maxi elastic in rubber to the braid, to the elastic strap to use as a hair clip.


Another accessory that we have seen on many catwalks of fashion shows is the elastic band, to wear both day and night. The “exaggerated” style with wide, sumptuous, studded or satin bands is certainly welcome this summer, as are the 70s-style hippie bands, which adapt to any style and are also perfect for taming haircuts curly.

Those who love the rock ‘n’ roll and underground style can opt for leather bands, while those who do not give up the bon ton style even on the beach can choose simple strips of one-colored fabric, enriched with Swarovski and beads.

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