The Hair 2019: Trend Cuts and Colors

The Hair 2019

The Hair 2019: here are all the cuts and colors of the new year

The real revolution starts from the head! A small but big change always starts from the look, especially from the hair. For this reason we give you some advice on the hair 2019, with trendy cuts and colors to face with style the coming year.

It is now well known that when we are invested by that uncontrollable desire for change, the best way to go along with it is to focus on your hair. Better, though, if we are in line with the trends of the moment, so as to feel revolutionary but with an eye to style. The interesting hair trend of 2019, with cuts and colors ad hoc, certainly help us in our “subversive” business.

The Hair 2019: the Cut and the Color of Glass Hair

We have already seen how the short Bob falls under the auspices of the hair fashion of 2019. But we have not yet told you what the new year’s glamor chic is … To dictate it was Kim Kardashian’s hairstylist, Chris Appleton, who wanted to give a touch of shine to a clean, rigorous, long helmet just below the jaw line.

To enhance it a return to the 90s with the tips pointing up for a timeless Bob. Remember the central line marked and clearly visible, to accentuate even more the geometric and well-defined effect of the short Bob cut.

But the real focus of this cut, called Glass Hair, is the extreme, almost vitrified brilliance. A perfectly polished bob, which becomes the spokesperson of a geometric and clean style, with a silky smooth texture.

Dua Lipa and Kim Kardashian are the main testimonials of Glass Hair, which naturally goes well with a dark, even better black hair color, in which the shiny effect immediately strikes the eye.

Hair 2019: Natural Haircut and Hair Color

It is likely that fans of natural hair are already trembling at the idea of holding a brush and a hair dryer every day. But let’s keep calm: The Wet Look is determined not to abandon the stylistic hair styles of 2019.

The so-called “wet effect” continues to ride the catwalks, confirming the strong point of all those women who love to support their rebellious spirit. We give free rein to our freedom by giving the hair a grunge and country style, defining the tips with generous nuts of gel to give a scapigliato effect but not unkempt.

The color of the Wet Look? Simply yours, to be enriched with tone-on-tone shades to illuminate the face. For blondes in pole position there is the platinum blonde, almost ice; or the bronde, ideal for enhancing the natural shades of light brown hair.

Hair 2019: Foulard and Chignon that go crazy

We have already discovered it last summer, and we will find it on the spring / summer 2019 fashion catwalks: the scarf. An accessory to be considered for the next year, to be knotted and tied with art knots under the hairstyle, in a voluminous intertwining of hair.

The hairstylist Orlando Pita brings for Tom Ford the scarf on the runways of the New York spring / summer 2019 fashion shows. His choice falls on a sharp and defined side line, supported by an extreme smooth that breaks into excessive and voluminous chignon, stuck in headscarves soft colors, knotted under the hairstyle.

The Hair 2019: A Green Style Head

Dua Lipa, the pop singer we talk about a lot, continues to be one of the protagonists of 2019 to dictate trends. The rose on the hair, which until a couple of years ago was the spokesman of the most avant-garde heads, is clearly undermined by the green. In all its nuances as long as it is green. This is the motto that the most rebellious hairs have decided to embrace.

Hair with green shades, probably supported by a naturist wellness philosophy, seems to be the unisex color that brings men and women together. From the emerald green to the pistachio green, passing through the clear and fluorescent tones, it is the color that will give off in 2019. Perhaps because Dua Lipa has shown it on the occasion of his 23rd birthday in Ibiza? Who knows … for sure we will see him at the forefront of the hair color trend of 2019.

Let’s sum up the Trend Hair of 2019: Cut and Color

Haircuts 2019: it’s time to give us a cut … but that’s the right one

For lovers of Short Haircuts

Do not discuss Bob’s hairstyle: waves, accentuated scales, lateral lines or bangs for natural hair lovers. But also geometric bobs, with a clean and precise cut with a central line in evidence.

For fans of the most “drastic” cuts, the short style continues with the pixie cut at the edge of shaving. Wavy hair with untidy locks and a scaled cut, in which a game of seduction “I see I do not see” becomes the focal point.

For Midi Addicted

Revalued the medium haircut, which is shaped in natural waves that give grace and elegance to the face. As? Simple, playing with a rough studied that follows the features of the face. In the wake of the short cut, the midi also seems to follow the same wild lines with the Long Bob: asymmetrical side lines, scaled and “scapigliate” spikes and long bangs with side tuft or parade.

For the romantics from the Long Cut

The affectionate of the long cut will hardly give us a “cut” … but the 2019 hair fashion offers solutions for all lengths. Get under it with an extreme volume of the hair, enhanced by an ad hoc scaling, and with the Swag, the trend come from England beloved by celebrities. What does the Swag consist of? Full and highlighted bangs, from which a scaled cut runs along the entire length.

Hair Color 2019: there is something for everyone

Hair 2019: Brown and Black

Whether full or black, brown is the color that has attracted the attention of fashion addicts since Meghan Markle made her debut in the media. A full chestnut, full bodied and rich that is lit by a scaled haircut, able to enhance its nuances.

But be careful, yes to the nuances as long as they follow the natural shades of the hair. We move away from the blows of color fake and exaggerated to accommodate the natural shade of the hair. Chocolate color, intense hazelnut but also a strong and full-bodied caramel to always be cool in 2019.

And for the brunettes, the hair color fashion of 2019 has in store an inebriating surprise that you can deepen here…

The Hair of 2019: the bronde

The color of blond hair, if it does not follow its rules, is likely to appear flat and even heavy. This is why the 2019 fashion thought for blondes an energetic and at the same time deep hair color. The rule of the moment is a compact blond, full bodied and natural nuances that seem to be the leitmotiv of the hair trend of 2019. In pole position the bronde, a color with soft nuances that follow the natural shade enhancing it to the maximum.

Hair 2019: Red, get under it

A warm color, of great effect, is red: a niche color that not all of them are lucky to have natural. The red hair is animated by glossy reflections, with the most different shades of red. From the copper to the mahogany, provided that it runs on the wake of the natural hair tones.

Change your mind, try extravagant looks, test yourself while savoring a new style but the starting point of the 2019 hair fashion is unquestionable: renew yourself starting from yourself, without ever forgetting your own natural hair.


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