The best hairstyles for girls with curly hair

hairstyles for girls with curly hair

If you have curly, long or short hair, you have to see these famous hairstyles. So you’re going to wear your curls with style in 2019.

Whether your hair is curly by nature or you create the best waves for long or short hair, this interests you. In 2019, the most marked and daring curls fight against the smooth untouched. From now on, the tongs will be your allies to get the easiest hairstyles, both to go to work and for your most important appointments. Turn your curly hair into the star of all your looks of the new year and the purest Hollywood style.

Blake Lively, Emma Stone, Katie Holmes or Mila Kunis are some of our favorite celebrities who, with curly hair naturally or not, know how to handle it. Simple pickups, high pigtails, root braids: everything you need to do to your curls from now on is down here.

And if you’re a fan of characterization, get the hairstyles with more mythical curls of characters like Farrah Fawcett, Julia Roberts or Rita Hayworth elle leaves you here.

Alicia Keys

Brush your hair completely on top, collect a semi-high ponytail and let your curls show off from there.

Blake Lively

The curls marked with more volume are better with the stripe on one side and giving prominence to only one side of the head.

Emma Stone

With a strong 40’s inspiration, the actress is a fan of retro waves with a very close ray and diagonal bangs.

Gigi Hadid

The less marked, with a small dose of foam to comb and disordered type. So are the effortless curls of which you will boast next year: Surf style regardless of the season.

Hailee Stenfield

If you do not have curly hair naturally and you want to get soft waves, pass the tweezer from half to ends and get an extra naturalness combing them gently afterwards.

Halle Berry

There are days when we want to have the hair out of our face and we can not think of a better idea than doing it with a very high and polished bow, without needing to straighten.

Jennifer Lawrence

With medium waves throughout the hair, from the root. This is the favorite curly hair of girls with half a mane.


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