The Autumn Winter Hairstyles 2018-2019: The Season’s Must

autumn winter hairstyles 2018-2019

But how much do we like to play with our hair… If we can avoid cutting them, the game becomes easy and lively, focusing on the seasonal hairstyles. There remains then to investigate the autumn winter hairstyles 2018-2019, to have fun with the season’s must.

What do the catwalks suggest about the autumn winter hairstyles 2018-2019? How will “our heads” be in the coming seasons? There really is something for everyone, from the wild look to the bon ton harvest (or almost), from wild waves to high and low chignon. But if there is a style that is struggling to abandon the hair of the moment is the romantic style. Braids and chignon are still among the autumn winter hairstyles preferred by women. Because, after all, we all have a romantic side.

To each their own style and the hairstyle in which to recognize but remember, there is a minimum common denominator in each of the various styles that we propose. And it is the concept of a hairstyle that reflects the woman in her daily life: fast, practical, witty, lively and with her head in the clouds to always keep a veil of magic in the mechanical and frenetic life of every day.

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Autumn Winter Hairstyles 2018-2019: the Semiraccolti

The semi-reception is hard to die. It is the comfort zone of many women who want to vary their look with a different hairstyle, which frame the facial features without upsetting them too much. In the semi-conservative style, the fashion of the moment gives romance and femininity, which explodes into hairstyles with evident volumes.

But the semi-cared hair also adapts to everyday life, to a hectic and never casually neglected everyday life. The style scapigliato and collected in a fake casual way continues to be a great protagonist of the autumn winter hairstyles 2018-2019.

Indispensable accessories of all kinds. Headbands, bands, flowers, jewelry and clasps that collect the hair giving it a touch of glamor and romantic that captures the heart. A modern cinderella never out of fashion.

Autumn Winter Hairstyles 2018-2019: Wet-Style

The waves do not seem to belong only to the summer season. The wet hair style continues undaunted to be one of the looks present in the autumn winter seasons.

To take into account the catwalks of Alexander Wang, invaded by total wet hairstyles, in which the models show off a voluminous look, stuck clasps like clothes pegs and mollettoni of all kinds.

Autumn Winter Hairstyles 2018-2019: The Chignon

How not to mention the chignon. The chignon remains one of the protagonists in terms of hairstyles. It is a hairstyle with which you are never wrong, especially if you have long and medium hair, for an outfit always ordered and fashionable, but also practical and fast.

The chignon we are talking about, in fact, are never ordered and well combed. Chignon maxi and uncombed with casual effect, or bon ton bun, sophisticated but extra natural.

The chignon collected in the middle of the head, with side locks that escape the hairstyle, to frame the face, makes a refined and soft hairstyle special. Give a messy effect to the hairstyle by pulling hair and tufts out of the chignon. The effect will be really cool.

Hairstyles Autumn Winter 2018-2019: Braids Always and However

Since the braids are back on the catwalk, separating them seems impossible. For medium-length hair, but especially for long hair, the braids best reflect that romantic and lively side of which we have already spoken.

One (or even more) braid in a hairstyle gives the style a sophisticated and sweet look, which adapts perfectly to elegant occasions, as well as to everyday life. Abandon the old fears of arriving at the end of the day with a braid “ruined”, because this time the braids we wrench from the beginning.

Volume at the roots, disordered, soft braid that falls sideways on the shoulder. Better yet if a tuft that escapes from the tangle comes out. Or, for those who love hairstyles with their face uncovered, they can only bet everything on a crown of braids, single or divided in two by the hairline.

Hairstyles Autumn Winter 2018-2019: The Tail

One of the most practical and fast hairstyles is definitely the tail, a practical and always creative style. But do not think about the classic and smooth tail, stop with a simple rubber band. The tails of the autumn winter 2018-2019 are styled in various ways after having tied the hair.

Horsetail worked with braids, smooth, with waves but mind you: it is tied at half height. However you love the tail, remember to leave volume to the roots and work it avoiding the extreme smooth effect. If in summer the cool effect was given by a ponytail, in the autumn winter 2018-2019 the half-height tail definitely has the best.

It adapts perfectly to any shape of the face, but if you have a round face, leave it soft with side tufts that fall on the face or extremely stretch that lengthens the features.

Alda Merini wrote Nobody combs me well like the wind. This fall winter there is no better advice to follow to tie the hair on the fly, leave the house and get perfectly combed by a sophisticated wind of change.

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