Techniques for Wrapping Short Hair

Techniques for wrapping short hair

Curling short curls ironing will require certain skills and experience, which can be purchased during the use of the tool. But winding the strands in this way, you will be able to evaluate an important advantage: The procedure does not take much time and is suitable for cases when it is necessary to get a beautiful hairstyle for 15-20 minutes.

In order to minimize the damage from the influence of high temperature on the hair, a good quality device with a good coating should be purchased and the rules for safe styling should be kept in mind.

Since the operation of the instrument is associated with a high temperature, negatively affecting the structure of the hair rods, care must be taken to ensure the safety of the process.

To twist the strands in any way, make sure that they have completely cooled down. In addition to ironing, prepare a thermal protection, a varnish of weak or medium fixation, a clamp or a hair clip and a comb (preferably wooden or ceramic).

Screw all the strands, twisting them from the middle. While laying each curl once turn the iron over its axis.

Correct your hair with your fingers, fix it. For an even larger volume, lift the top of the hair and spray the lacquer over the roots.

Techniques for wrapping short hair


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