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Tapered bob for thick hair: 15 trendy hairstyles in 2024 that require little maintenance


The square is a must-have that is constantly revisited. It satisfies all tastes, all face shapes and all hair textures. Thinning a bob means giving it relief and dimension and if you have thick hair, the result will be nothing short of remarkable. In the hands of an expert, you will gain a personalized hairstyle that will add a touch of character to your look. The tapered square for whom? How to style and maintain it? We tell you. We also invite you to explore our hairstyle ideas for the tapered bob, particularly recommended for thick hair. You will undoubtedly succumb to the charm of this refined and chic square.

What is the tapered square?

If you want to modernize your bob cut, hair experts like Frédéric Mennetrier recommend the tapered bob. This is characterized by its unstructured appearance which gives relief and substance to the hairstyle. It helps thin the hair mass in order to lighten it, especially if you have thick hair. To do this, the hairdresser uses a razor comb or pinking scissors to thin the hair and personalize your cut. You will have understood, To highlight thick hair, it is advisable to taper the lengths and ends but also the strands which frame the face to give nice movement to the hair and dress the face.

What is the difference between gradient and taper?

Tapered or layered haircuts are trendy, and take the place of straight and strict cuts that harden facial features! But often, we confuse gradient and taper. It is therefore important to distinguish between the two types of hairstyle.

In a tapered cut:

  • The hair is thinning. The hairdresser reduces the hair mass to lighten the hair;
  • The hairstyle has more relief and dimension;
  • Thinning is not suitable for fine or damaged hair as it risks further thinning the hair.
  • Tapering is also used to highlight ends and bangs.

In a gradient cut:

  • Hair gains volume;
  • There is no visible demarcation;
  • The gradient adapts to all lengths;
  • The strands are cut at different lengths to give movement to the hair.

However, it is possible to mix the two techniques, particularly on long, thick hair, in order to give it movement. You will thus obtain a light, airy and fresh hairstyle.

The tapered square, for whom?

You will have understood, tapered bob and thick hair go hand in hand. The reason ? It is a hairstyle that gives lightness and suppleness to the hair and lightens the hair mass. Jean Claude Moughayar, hair expert, explains that this style is ideal for women who need to give movement to their hair, while specifying that it is not suitable for fine hair. The expert adds that the tapered bob is more suitable for women with an elongated face. “I recommend this bob to women with long faces because it can round and brighten the cheeks. If she is in her thirties, this hairstyle will give a fresh look to her face.

Whether you are blonde, brunette or redhead, you can always consider a sublime tapered bob. Also bet on balayage to add depth to your hairstyle. A real plus not to be overlooked.

What are the advantages of the tapered bob?

When a woman decides to change her haircut without sacrificing her length, she succumbs to the square cut. But the most trendy bob of the moment is the tapered one according to David Mallett, a renowned hairdresser in Paris! It is a hairstyle that seduces and attracts women looking for style, modernity and sophistication. Here are the advantages of adopting a tapered bob:

  • It is more modern than the classic square. The square has the capacity to renew itself to always be at the forefront of fashion and above all trendy.
  • the tapered bob gives relief to the hair due to its unstructured effect.
  • The tapered bob helps reduce the appearance of split and damaged ends, promoting hair growth.
  • It makes the lengths more flexible without losing the volume of the hair.
  • It also gives a semblance of volume to fine hair but on condition that you only thin the ends.
  • It adds texture and movement to hair.
  • It frames the face and accentuates the features.
  • It is equally suitable for straight, wavy or curly hair thanks to its versatility.

How to maintain a tapered bob for thick hair?

Christophe Robin, a renowned hairdresser in Paris, says: “Having a bob requires a certain amount of maintenance”. “This means getting your hair cut regularly and trimming the ends every 4 to 6 weeks to freshen up the cut.” This interview therefore requires:

  • To keep your hair clean and silky.
  • Avoid using a hair dryer and let your hair air dry.
  • Apply a moisturizer to keep the ends healthy.
  • To style the tapered bob in wavy and of course avoiding heated hair styling tools. It is advisable to opt for simple braids on damp hair before going to bed at night. When you wake up, you get pretty waves and a hairstyle worthy of a fashionista.

How to style a tapered bob for thick hair?

To maintain the tapered bob impeccable, it requires a few steps and suitable products. This results in a light and structured look. To do this :

  • We use a light shampoo and conditioner so as not to weigh down the hair.
  • A heat-protective product is applied to protect the hair from heating tools.
  • We favor natural hair drying. If you can’t do without a hairdryer, use a round brush to add volume to the roots.
  • We use a curling iron to add light, subtle waves and give movement to the hair.
  • Apply a texturizing spray to define the tapered effect of the cut or a light serum to prevent frizz.
  • Finally, add a light touch of hairspray to hold the hairstyle in place.

What to tell your hairdresser if you want to get a tapered bob

Do you have thick hair and want to get a tapered bob but you don’t know how to describe the cut you want to your hairdresser? According to John Nollet, Parisian hairdresser, it is first of all important to choose your hairdresser carefully and to ensure their expertise before entrusting them with your mane. It is therefore appropriate to:

  • Give a description of the cut, specifying the tapered effect with a gradient to add movement and lightness to the hair.
  • Specify the desired length of the square.
  • Specify if you want tapered tips for a light look or textured for a feathery effect.
  • Show your hairdresser a photo that perfectly illustrates the type of cut you want so that he or she has a clear idea of ​​what you want and better understands your expectations.

How much does a bob cut cost in a hair salon?

If you are wondering how much a tapered bob cut could cost you, know that the price of the cut varies depending on the hair salon you frequent and the region. However, the price of a shampoo with haircut for women would be on average 32.7 euros.

15 ideas for tapered square cuts for thick hair to adopt in 2024

It’s time to change your hair color, length and cut. If you are looking for THE chic and elegant cut that highlights you, explore our gallery of tapered bob cuts and succumb to the charm of this modern and timeless style.

Tapered Blonde Lob

Although the lob is a timeless hairstyle, it looks more modern when tapered. Result ? We obtain a dynamic hairstyle with volume, perfect for both fine and thick hair.

Plunging tapered square

If you’re looking for a haircut that’s both sexy and modern, you’ll love this plunging tapered bob. The side bangs add a touch of mystery to the look and we love it!

Tapered Bob with Curtain Bangs

We enhance this tapered bob with curtain bangs and brighten up the hairstyle with a platinum blonde. Who is this hairstyle suitable for? For women with long faces, curtain bangs help balance the features.

Messy Tapered Bob

It’s a short, chin-length bob that’s both trendy and modern. The messy strands give the cut a casual and practical style. A tapered bob that suits women looking for a striking and rejuvenating style. The advantage of this hairstyle? It is low maintenance.

Gradient and tapered square

The gradient adds volume and the taper gives relief. This short bob shown in the image is proof of that. This is a chic and elegant hairstyle perfect for all occasions. We validate!

Tapered bob with side bangs

If you have thick hair, this is the ideal cut to adopt. The tapered highlights add texture to the hair and the side bangs emphasize the cheekbones. A chic cut to open up the face and highlight its features.

Short tapered and layered bob

In the model shown in the image, the bob is tapered and unstructured with strands of different lengths. We degrade the top locks to gain volume and we taper the ends to have more movement. Result ? The hairstyle looks light and dynamic at the same time.

Unstructured tapered square

We forget about the perfect blow-dry and opt for this hairstyle that adapts to your hair type. You have curly, wavy or straight hair…Let this trendy and modern cut highlight the texture of your hair. Whether you have thin or thick hair, you can achieve this look.

Short tapered bob with wispy bangs

In general, hairstyles with bangs look best with thick hair. This round square is proof of that. The tapered locks at the ends frame the face, accentuate the features and bring maximum softness to the appearance.

Tapered and Textured Stacked Bob

A wispy, textured hairstyle that catches the eye. Here’s what you’ll gain by adopting this cut. If you have thick hair, this is the ideal hairstyle. Apply a little wax to add texture and you’re done.

Disheveled unstructured tapered bob

This style combines tapered locks that frame the face and wispy, light bangs that highlight the eyes. To achieve this tousled effect, apply a styling mousse or use a curling iron for a relaxed wavy effect.

Tapered unstructured bob

It’s an unstructured bob that’s easy to style and maintain. Whether you have straight, curly or wavy hair, you don’t need to blow-dry it perfectly. For the airy and supple side, simply apply a styling product and dry your hair by hand for a natural look and a relaxed tousled effect.

Tapered Gradient Lob

If you have straight hair, this hairstyle keeps it from looking flat. The tapered ends give movement to the hair and elegance to the hairstyle. Sometimes, rejuvenating a look doesn’t take much, all it takes is a few snips of the scissors to regain some enthusiasm.

Mid-length tapered bob with curtain bangs

Many beauty addicts sacrifice their lengths to adopt a modern tapered bob that adds pep to their look. This cool bob with its curtain bangs also displays a slightly sophisticated hairstyle which offers character and rebalances the oval of the face.

Tapered Bob with Balayage

The subtle waves of the tapered and unstructured square give a bohemian and trendy side to the hairstyle. Use a curling iron held vertically to achieve a sublime and modern wavy effect.



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