Take care of your hair while you sleep: a good idea?


For a long time, women have left their hair treatments at night to make them look better, softer and healthier when they wake up. But is it true that this gesture of beauty is still indispensable today for a dreamy hair? Here is the answer.

To the question: is it true that leaving a mask in place overnight is effective? the hair professional’s answer is positive. But is this a real solution? “No. Even until a few years ago, women slept one or two times a month with wraps of capillary masks, left them all night and rinsed in the morning.The result: the hair was softer and brighter. many treatments able to achieve the same result in just 20 minutes: the idea of ​​sleeping with a mask is obsolete “.

Since the treatments now act directly on the heart of the hair it is not necessary to leave them in pose all night. After 20 or 30 minutes the masks already have their effect! “In addition, this practice is quite binding: the hair stays moist all night, you have to keep them in a turban, which is certainly not very sexy, and finally rinse them the next day takes longer”.

But this gesture of beauty can be essential for certain types of hair or rather scalp. “There are specific treatments that complete their action after a whole night of laying, for example, the products that act on a scalp with a strong tendency to dandruff.Let’s pose the product all night, do the shampoo l ‘tomorrow morning and the scalp is more balanced “.

For those who want to try this method anyway, here are the types of hair to which it is addressed: hair with a color that starts to fade, dull hair or lack of hydration. “Apply the mask one lock after the other and then comb the hair to distribute the product well.Massage the scalp so that the product penetrates inside the fiber, then wrap the hair in a dry towel”. The next morning, wash them with a specific shampoo and then rinse them thoroughly.

Our tip: To have beautiful hair use a mask after each shampoo. Choose it according to the nature of your hair and your needs. Apply it to each lock and distribute the product evenly. Emulsify with lukewarm water before rinsing thoroughly.

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