Sunset Hair: what are they and how to do them?

Sunset hair

What are the latest sunset-colored hair trends?

The days get longer and the good weather is finally coming. With summer light, all colors take on a new look even without Instagram filters! Why not show off the thousand shades of light at sunset with a new trend that is spreading more and more even in Italy? Let’s talk about Sunset Hair, the fiery hair to embody the most beautiful colors and shades of nature, which are very popular on the web.

What are Sunset Hair?

With the new season, comes the desire to renew their look and why not, add a touch of freshness, playing with the colors of the moment. To understand which are the most popular trends, just take a ride on social media, where there are many that show off their new and original hair color. To be fashionable this season you can’t help but be inspired by the shades of a romantic sunset. With the Sunset Hair look, you will give your hair shades that go from red to copper, from yellow to orange, passing through pink, fuchsia and purple.

In the 80s some rockers like Sebastian Bach from Skid Row already showed it off and, about 10 years ago, the singer Hayley Williams had a hairstyle with fuchsia and clear and bold orange tones, which highlighted the light complexion of the face. Today there are many celebrities who wear the colors of the sunset, but the multicolored mix is ​​more nuanced: the colors blend together to create beautiful natural wallpapers ready for a selfie-combative selfie.

The singer Lily Allen wears them with bobbed hair and bangs, perfect to match even with a black outfit. Sunset Hair has also been tested by other singers, such as the pop singer Grimes, the British singer Neon Hitch and the singer, actress and model of Kosovar origin, Rita Ora.

Sunset Hair: how to make them and treat them at their best

The hashtag #sunsethair counts only on Instagram almost 50 thousand posts of hair in shades of blue or purple, for those who prefer the colors of the end of the sunset, or pink and orange for those who love the initial phase of the sun slowly setting. But, beyond the chromatic variations chosen, the fundamental thing is the balance between them which makes a sunset hair unique.

We always advise you to experiment with colors, before going to your trusted hairdresser, perhaps using hair chalk, specific colored chalk for a temporary effect.


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