Hair 2019: 5 new easier summer short cuts

Summer hair 2019

A haircut in the summer must be easy to manage at home and especially when going on vacation at the beach. Among those short, smooth, curly and wavy we have chosen five new cuts from the latest trends 2019 – 2020. Here are the easiest hairstyles to do at home with the help of the right products and tools. Choose from these 5 new cuts according to the 2019 hair trends.

Hair 2019, the short and very short cut

A garconne cut like this in the picture is easy enough to fix in a short time. Obviously much depends on the type of hair, in addition to the type of cut. This photo in the example is a short trendy hairstyle, it is a cut that some hairdressers define: “ciocchettato”.

The pixie, on the other hand, becomes more manageable if the hair is cut longer on the upper part of the head as it allows styling to be varied. Here in this image you see a type of short scaled and disheveled haircut ideal for those who have fine hair, enhanced by a platinum blonde color.

The smooth short climbed

Remember the cut of Jennifer Lawrence sported during the Golden Globe 2014 this very feminine short hair proposed by the Davines salons. It is a short cut climbed and marched with side bangs and lightening on a brown base. Here the lightening on the tips was created with the balayage technique. Perfect also for next autumn.

Often the color of the hair makes the difference, especially on the short ones. In this image, in fact, the haircut with a side stripe is enhanced by the dyeing of Wella Professional. It is a color that is a mix of platinum blonde and blonde white hair. For styling you need hair straightening products, but for the color it is good to rely on a good hair colorist.

If you love to anticipate trends, in this image you can see a look of the new hair trends 2020, let’s talk about next summer. Watch this wet-look hairstyle created by the L’Oreal team for the Alexander Wang collection. Here the hair is all sent back and to create the wet hair effect the hairdressers have used oil and a product that for hair that has been in vogue for over 50 years, the historic Elnett lacquer.

These are five ideas for easy cuts to manage on vacation or at home if you do the styling by yourself, but if you want to see the new hair trends of the year, on the Web you will find all the trends of today and tomorrow on our website.


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