Summer Hair Trends 2019: win shadows hair

Summer hair trends 2019

It is certainly the new trend in terms of hairstyle, the ombre hair is in great demand by everyone. But what kind of technique is it and how much does it cost?

We certainly cannot call it an absolute novelty, but a great classic of every summer that continues to conquer more and more followers: we are talking about the ombre hair.

Literally the ombre hair is nothing more than faded hair in which the color is absolutely natural and allows to obtain an extremely chic result without having to resort to the classic color.

Each season brings with it new trends regarding the hairstyle of us women, but the ombré hair is one of the “evergreen” trends for several years now, because they are good for practically all, regardless of the shape of the face.

Classic or alternative ombre hair?

The ombre hair can be made practically with any shade and the technique is quite simple as it is impeccable: it consists in taking a color tone very similar to that of one’s own hair and giving light to the lengths of handmade brush strokes.

Thanks to this procedure, a single movement and shine is given to the foliage, especially those characterized by a cut cut, even better if slightly moved by nature.

On straight or curly hair, the ombre effect requires a clever use of color that must be dosed on the lengths in a more or less marked way, so as to optically sculpt the cut and obtain the desired effect.

The most requested are undoubtedly the ombre chestnut hair: on the chestnut, a fairly frequent and neutral nuance, the ombrè effect allows to obtain beautiful shades of dark blond, auburn or bright chocolate.

Red ombre hair is also in great demand to light them with light copper or even blond shades.
The choice is really wide: the most alternative ombre hair can also be made in other shades. Among the most particular we find without a doubt the gray Ombre hair, which has come to the fore in recent years thanks to Instagram, but also the ombre colored hair in pink and blue.

At the base of the choice of the shade with which to make the hairstylist trusted by the ombre hair, however, there must always be a harmonization with the tonality of the complexion.

Ombre hair cost

The cost of making ombre hair naturally depends on several factors: the hairdresser who makes them, the length of the hair and the color required, but above all the desire for more or less particular and intense nuances.

The cost depends on the need also to make a cut that is adequate. Generally speaking, the cost of ombre hair ranges from 100-150 euros/dollars, up to 200 euros/dollars for the most famous salons.


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