Summer hair color 2019, the trendy colors for the summer

Summer hair 2019

Summer Hair Color 2019. All the shades for a colorful summer. Here are the trends.

If you want to dye your hair or you just want the color shades on the strands, on the tips or on the root, you should know immediately the new trends hair color summer 2019: there are many colors that give elegance to the complexion and like women of every age.

We see them on the street, we saw them on the head of Bertè during the Sanremo Festival: the colored hair for the summer 2019 prefers pastel shades, not only the most delicate but also the most decisive ones.

Lilac pink, blue and even yellow, or even platinum hair and blonde hair with rose gold nuances: the colored locks on long, medium and short cuts depopulate. And in order not to miss anything, there are also white or ice and gray hair in different shades of nuance.

Among new colors and nuances here are the ideas to copy and images to watch for those who want to dare or simply change for an evening or a special occasion.

Summer Hair Color 2019: pastel colors

Not everyone has the courage to change hair color radically, especially if we talk about daring solutions. The new pastel shades of summer, however, lead to temptation: who, for example, has a platinum blond base and wants to give shades of color that illuminate the hair and the face can be inspired by these shades of rose proposed by Schwarzkopf.

Cutting bob paro and hair smooth and full-bodied characterize these pink hair with darker roots by the Aveda team.

Switching from light blond to lavender hair is a real transformation but can really enhance the complexion: we see it in this creation of the salons of Paul Mitchell.

It has a more decisive tone and it is noted that this tinge of blue blue made on a medium cut with Joico hair products.

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Switch from a natural dark brown to a mahogany red tint with shades of bright red: a solution that can renew the look and beautify a face. Naturally, in order not to give an idea of negligence, one must also play on the face, eyes and lips make-up: the color of the lipstick here recalls the shades of the hair and plays an important role.

Look at this combination: three shades of pink, from the one on the root, to the light pink on the length to get to the peach color on the tips, enhance this degrade cut.

Less “cumbersome” to wear are the hair colored rose gold: as you can see it is a very clear and nuanced shade of pink that makes it good especially on a smooth and medium cut.

This variant, on the other hand, uses a particular color of hair that can be defined as “metallic gold roses”: it mixes the warm tone with the “cold” and shiny effect and is fine on a hair of any length.

Short colored hair

The colored hair for the summer does not forget all the short cuts 2019. This for example is a very intense mahogany red that warms slightly to the sides, on a pixie cut shaved to the side.

This beautiful lavender is made from a platinum hair base. Here the pixie cut is combed with the “high” tuft highlighted by shaved hair above the ear.

This beautiful short cut with shades of very light pink comes out of the Italian salons of Toni & Guy. The pastel-hued pink rose on platinum blonde hair announces itself as one of the strongest hair trends of the summer.

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Colored locks

The colored locks give light and character to a light hair, but even more to dark hair: the examples are many between dyes and temporary colors, and it is a trend that seems destined to last for the hairstyles of next winter. Armani, for example, wanted them for the models’ hairstyles in his latest women’s collection: the torchon that create this very particular crop are livened up by flashes of ultraviolet.

Really nice to see the pink balayage made of locks on a brown caramel: the braid reveals all the nuances, enhanced even by waves created with iron.

Honey blonde for the base and pink shades peaches towards the ends: the color is due to the colorist Paul Mitchell who worked on these medium wavy hair with scaled cut, shorter on the nape and combed soft waves.

Extreme contrasts of heat and cold, why not try? These are ideas that must be managed with balance by an expert in coloring, as happens for this chocolate-colored head that glows in pink, blue and lavender locks.

Made with the Wella colors, this pink balayage is discreet and therefore becomes easy enough to show off and to handle on long blonde hair.

These for now the new 2019 summer colored hair trends that are already catching on Instagram. Remember that if you do not want difficult changes and you just want a touch of color on your hair you can try the spray colors, to get effects like these.


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