Stylish Short Hair Ideas for Prom

short hair prom ideas

When the prom night is approaching, most of the girls begin emphasizing on the looks. After all, you have to look the best amongst the others with short hair.

As a matter of fact, many girls stress on dressing and hairstyle more than anything. If you do not have long hair, you do not need to feel inferior. There are plenty of stylish short hair prom ideas which you can easily try out. The advantage with having short hair is you can style it within minutes. After styling, you can concentrate on other things as well. You can start with a vintage inspired hairstyle.

A vintage hairstyle is one where you try out the retro look. With shiny hair and tight curls with a simple finger wave on top, the style is certainly popular amongst the girls who are going to prom. Another hairstyle, named simple and beautiful, which is one of the new styles in the fashion market. You can curl your hair at the back and smooth the ones in the front giving it a sort of mixture of both. Apart from it, you can try out the curly side bun, in which you part your hair and style it with pins and hairsprays.

Stylish Short Hair Ideas for Prom


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