15 Styles of braids ideal for letting your bangs grow; they will be your salvation

Braids styles

The bangs can always give a different, fresh and youthful touch to your look, but as it grows, combing it becomes really difficult: you can not accommodate it, it loses shape and even matches the length of your hair can take you forever.

But there is a solution to finally end with that little problem. The braids are perfect to hold the bangs that is growing, in addition to giving a different touch to your hairstyle, they will help you to grow faster. Here we leave you 10 styles of braids perfect to hide the bangs.

Double braid

This type of braid is ideal to hide the bangs, and the best thing is that it is very simple to make, it is enough to braid two parts of hair and hold them one over the other.

Endless braid

Say goodbye to the little bangs with a hidden braid.

Tiara braid

This type of braid should start on the right side of your head, then you should hold hair by hair until you reach the other end. Really simple, right?

Double braid with bun

The best thing about this type of braids is that in the end you can make a small bun to make them stand out even more.

Crown braids

If before you had the bangs you made a line in the middle to define your hair, this type of braids are the perfect option, plus you will make it grow faster.

Mini braid

If you only want to hide your bangs once, this is the perfect choice: it’s small and simple.

Long braid

With this braid you can highlight your long, straight hair.

Disheveled braid

If you do not want your hair to be tense all day, you can try making a loose braid that holds only with a pin.

Simple braid with bun

This way you can control the rebellious hair trying to get out of place.

Triple braid

Remember that no matter what type of braid you do, the important thing is to combine the styles so that the bangs grows faster and above all, it is a bit out of your face.

Mixed braid

If you’re tired of having hair on your face, one way to hide it is to braid it up and mix it with your hair to make it look like a headband.

Hair braid

This is one of the simplest ways to make a braid headband, just make two braids on each side of your head, pull your hair back, cross them and fasten them with pins.

Half pigtail braid

This type of braids that help you form a hairstyle between rocogido and loose are always a good choice for long or short hair. Remember that a braid like that, will help you look delicate and attractive.

Bangs braid

If your bangs is too small, do not worry, one of the best solutions is to make a braid to the front.

Braid fish tail

Unlike the previous braid, with this type of braids you only have to change its orientation backwards, and to give it a greater emphasis, you can make one below.


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