15 Ideas to dye your hair in the style of Eye Tiger and be the queen of glamor

Eye tiger hair style

We have only been a couple of months since the beginning of 2019 and you know what they say: new year, new look change. It is always good to try a different haircut or, better yet, a new color. Speaking of this, the eye tiger technique is perfect if you want to give golden highlights and caramel to your hair.

This new color has an illuminating effect that is special for girls who have brown hair and do not want to subject it to extreme discoloration. The technique resembles the now famous belayage, however, this tone has more marked wicks and dark tones that are applied at strategic points to make the hair shine more.

These reflexes will give more shine to your face

Blonde, brown, red and coppery… it’s all in one

If you have short hair you have to try this gradient

The color has a harmonious effect and gives a youthful appearance

The wicks can be copper and blond colors

The idea of this technique is that you can not distinguish where the natural tone of your hair ends

This color will help your eyes stand out even more

With this color the balayage was in the past

Add a touch of pink… It looks amazing!

The caramel color goes well with all types of skin

In Lazio it looks amazing

Selena Gomez has already dyed it that way and we love it

Do not be afraid to make a loaded makeup so that reflections stand out

Definitely this is the tone that will dominate in 2019

What to expect to try with this technique?

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