You can strengthen your hair with natural remedies, let’s find out

You can strengthen your hair with natural remedies

It is important to take care of your hair, natural remedies are a valid alternative to chemicals. Let’s find out how.

Taking care of your body is not enough, even your hair needs care, every hair and cut has its priorities and needs. Strengthening hair and taking care of it means treating it gently, perhaps not using the aggressive products that are on the market. Alternatively you can use natural and nutritious remedies, performing a correct and healthy diet, in fact if you want your hair always strong and shiny you must feed well not only from the outside.

Foods to strengthen hair

You want strong and healthy hair, so you have to provide vitamins and mineral salts, among the vitamins, the most effective in this case is B7 or vitamin H, it is contained in particular in whole grains, such as rice and brewer’s yeast . Vitamin B7 produces keratin, thus promoting the renewal and growth of hair, also helps to limit the appearance of white hair and strengthen the hair.

Legumes are rich in:

  • protein
  • B vitamins
  • iron: which prevents hair loss, strengthening it and stimulating the body’s production of keratin;

If the hair in addition to being weak, brittle, often fall it is preferable to integrate foods rich in vitamin E, such as:

  • parsley
  • carrots
  • spinach

Even antioxidants are very useful, we find them in the following foods:

  • dark green leafy vegetables
  • berries
  • tomatoes
  • yellow or orange peel fruit.

Minerals are important to strengthen the hair, such as copper, selenium and zinc, in order to enrich one’s diet thanks to their contribution, it is advisable to eat:

  • dried fruit: almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts
  • oilseeds: especially sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds;
  • millet: many specific supplements formulated for hair, are available on the market. But why incur the supplement, when it is possible to enrich our diet thanks to this cereal, which is rich in vitamins, amino acids and mineral salts, such as silicon. The latter gives this food both restorative and protective properties;
  • fresh vegetables: especially spinach. Fresh vegetables contain sulfur.

Natural remedies for strengthening hair

After having performed a healthy and balanced diet, we go to work directly on the hair to ensure a shiny and shining hair. It is essential to guarantee circulation in the scalp because it helps to strengthen the hair. Furthermore the growth of new hair is promoted, resistant from the start.

Before shampooing, perform a skin massage using a vegetable oil, you can choose between these listed below:

  • jojoba
  • sesame
  • extra virgin olive oil.

Apply one of these three vegetable oils on the scalp before shampooing, it is advisable to have the hair wet and leave it to act for as long as possible, so that it can carry out its strengthening and polishing effectiveness. If you use extra virgin olive oil you can add essential oils, such as lavender essential oil.

If you prepare a treatment with fresh grated ginger, sesame oil or jojoba oil, it will stimulate circulation, prevent hair loss and strengthen hair.

Alternatively you can prepare a rosemary lotion by infusion, proceed as follows: put three teaspoons of rosemary, which must be finely chopped, in every half liter of boiling water. Let stand in boiling water for fifteen minutes and the lotion should be filtered and allowed to cool before use. Rub directly on both the skin and hair before shampooing.

Sage is another aromatic herb that can be used to strengthen the hair, it is used in the last or second last rinse of the hair. Just prepare an infusion using two tablespoons of shredded leaves for each liter of water, let it sit for a quarter of an hour before being filtered, then let it cool and use it for rinsing. Rosemary helps strengthen hair and makes it more shiny.

Finally, an excellent natural remedy suitable for strengthening the crown is made up of henna wraps, preferring the neutral non-coloring one. The henna powder must be mixed with warm water, with an infusion of chamomile or green tea, until a batter is formed. Apply it to the hair once it has cooled and let it work for at least an hour before shampooing, then wrap the hair in a cap and a warm towel.

Egg and honey two allies for the hair

Eggs are very useful as they make the hair stronger and brighter, this is because the egg is rich in vitamins E and D, which are essential for strengthening hair and nails. You will also benefit from the benefits if you eat the egg and not just by applying it directly to the hair.

Preparation: beat a raw egg in a dish and then apply it all over the scalp, gently massage with your fingertips so that it absorbs better. Then leave for about fifteen minutes and rinse. This last step is advisable to do with cold or lukewarm water and never with hot water. Of course you can use any shampoo or conditioner to eliminate all traces of egg left over.

Honey is another product of animal origin such as the egg, which is especially useful for fragile hair that breaks or falls off easily. Just put a little bit of honey on your hair and spread it with your fingertips, you can also do a light massage so that the honey penetrates deeply. After fifteen or twenty minutes, the right time for the honey to work, rinse with warm or warm water and proceed with the shampoo as you usually do.


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