9 Ways with which you can transform your hair from straight to curly without using pincers

Straight to curly

Curling hair can be one of the most delayed beauty routines. Letting the heat of a pincer make a wave can take forever, especially if the hair is very straight. That is why many girls choose to make curls only when it is a special occasion. But if you are one of those who struggles every day to get your hair straightened, then you need a few tricks that save you time, especially in the mornings. In addition to forgetting the races, you will also have a spectacular hairstyle in a matter of minutes.

To straighten your hair you do not always need an iron or curling iron. These are 9 tricks to plug in five minutes.

The air in the dryer will help you create smooth waves

Place the foam tubes with damp hair and then dry it

The braids will give you a slightly curly hair

Twist the hair for tighter waves

Knit a braid and iron it to achieve sea waves

Aluminum will make the curls last longer

Use scarves for zig zag curls

Prepare the curls from the night

A ponytail can facilitate work


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