+100 Spring Summer 2020 hairstyles

Trendy Spring Summer 2020 hairstyles: 100 photos

Refined collections, hairstyles with twist and mix of different braids, glamorous red carpet looks or more casual, let’s discover together all the trendiest spring summer 2020 hairstyles!

Romantic braids, half-gathered with the most casual touches, chignon and more sophisticated twist, the most particular spring summer 2020 hairstyles mix different and very interesting techniques. Curious to discover the 2020 hairstyles trends? Let’s take a look together with the ideas proposed by famous hairdressers and the images of the most original looks to be inspired by!

Hairstyles 2020 Spring Summer

What are the most interesting trends in terms of hairstyles 2020? The trendy hairstyles presented by the most famous Italian and international hairstylists reward interesting combinations of retro elements and cutting-edge techniques, contaminations between bon ton touches and modern accents of character, from chignon to tails, from elegant harvests to loose softer hairstyles. But let’s see together the photos of the most beautiful looks to try in view of the hot season!

Hairstyles with Braids

A timeless evergreen, the hairstyles with braids are offered in ever more original variants, from the classic French braid in increasingly voluminous max versions, to the fishbone braid that becomes the heart of romantic harvests and semi-harvests. Depopulated also the braid attached to the head, asymmetrical, lateral and in combination with different techniques. But discover all the hairstyles with the most beautiful braids in our study!

Collected Hair

Among the most feminine spring 2020 hairstyles, those collected remain the most elegant, especially if we talk about soft harvests with some locks left to fall artfully to frame the face. Hairstyles with hair gathered in light crests on the head and chignon on the back are perfect for giving volume to short and medium hair. But among the novelties for the summer we find original mixes with classic braids and two-tailed weaves, looks to be completed with floral clasps and why not, also with sparkling jewel applications. Do you like these looks? Discover all the trendiest short and medium hair hairstyles in our mega collection!

Tail Hair for Summer

A prominent place among summer 2020 hairstyles is reserved for the ponytail, a great protagonist on the catwalk and in the looks of the most famous hairstylists. We are talking about one of the most popular women’s summer hairstyles, enlivened by elegant weaves on the nude or worn on the soft side for a very natural messy effect. Among the most glamorous women’s summer hairstyles we find the high tail, with twists, braids and crests with cotton on the head, while the combinations between low tail and fish-ear braid will make lovers of a refined boho-chic style happy.

Semi-collected hairstyles

For those with a penchant for romantic looks, a semi-collected hairstyle is always the ideal solution, perfect for both wavy hair and to enhance curly hair. One of the most particular 2020 women’s hairstyles is the one that provides tight twists fixed on the back and front locks combed back on the head, ideal for enhancing the reflections of blonde hair. Semi-gathered with braids, also made with different techniques, are among the most feminine hairstyles for hair. Hairstyles with oblique braid are also very popular, ideal for brown and dark hair, but not only.

Hairstyles with Chignon

Looking for ideas for trendy and bon ton hairstyles at the same time? The high pretense disheveled bun, or messy bun, is the perfect look for a girl to have a natural and chic look at the same time, especially if we have indomitable curly hair and little time to put them in order. Straight hair lends itself very well to create an elegant low bun, to be embellished if we want with clasps and ribbons with pearls. A trend that is very popular is that of maxi chignon with braids at the base or behind the neck, ideal for less formal but always refined occasions.

Elegant hairstyles

Elegant event in sight? The most particular evening hairstyles present spirals and twists artfully fixed with a touch of lacquer, braids on the top of the head and very soft harvests. A curling iron will help us obtain refined curls to be dropped on the temples, the perfect expedient to create elegant hairstyles by hiding any large ears and focusing the attention of those who look at us on the elegance of the look. And if these proposals are not enough, take a look at the most beautiful long hair hairstyles in our in-depth analysis.

Special Hairstyles

Want to dare with original and modern hairstyles? Lacquer or another type of fixative can help us to create stranger and particular hairstyles, for example looks like those proposed by Andrew Smith with narrow crown braids on the head combined with low tails. Matteo Susini suggests particular hairstyles gathered with games of ribbons to liven up the hair, but with a little imagination and some tests we can create hairstyles with braids in the shape of hearts, with swirls and weaves that will leave those who look at us breathless!

Easy Day Hairstyles

For those who have little time and are looking for ideas of simple hairstyles, there is no shortage of proposals, from very soft loose side braids perfect for a girl, to very simple hairstyles with a decorated clip to stop the hair only behind one ear. The high soft chignon remain among the perfect summer hairstyles to face the heat without sacrificing style, to try also with front locks fixed on the head. Take a look at all the most beautiful summer hairstyles in our gallery article!

Soft Hairstyles

The soft crop is one of the most popular hairstyles for women, perfect for elegant events but also for less formal cocktail occasions. With a more cheeky day look we can try a hairlook with a soft side braid, while among the most original medium hairstyles we find those of Danilo Noir for those who do not want to give up their hair a little. And to give a special touch to the semi-harvests, go-ahead and pastel inserts and hippie chic floral decorations. Do you like these looks? Take a look at the most beautiful curly hair hairstyles we have selected for you!

Hairstyles Tutorial with Images Step by Step

For those who are looking for a tutorial, simple hairstyles to do at home in a short time, here are several proposals to try. We can try the tutorials of DIY hairstyles with a simple side braid to liven up a semi-gathered hairstyle, or opt for a more particular hairstyle with twisted knots. The images also show us elegant updo with many braids and more playful and playful twist!

Spring Summer Hairstyles

Summer ceremony in sight? Among the proposals for elegant and fashionable wedding hairstyles we find the low and voluminous tail to be softened with a white floral crown, the perfect idea for a bohemian-style wedding, but not only. The high and gathered hairstyles remain among the most sophisticated looks, also perfect as hairstyles for the guests. Among the most sought after wedding hairstyles, the ones collected with braids stand out, as well as the soft chignon that the hairdresser can complete with jewel clasps and brooches. Mix of tails and weaves will give a more brisk touch to the look. And if that’s still not enough, take a look at the hairstyles for adult bridesmaids that we have selected in our dedicated article!

What do you think of the trendy spring summer 2020 hairstyles that we have shown you? What is the look you like best? Let us know by leaving a comment!


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