Space Buns: what they are and how to get them


Directly from the 90s, the double chignon makes us come back young and carefree! Here are all the tips to create space buns in a workmanlike manner

The timeless chignon completely changes its look and takes on super-fashion variants. It becomes double and moves to the top of the head, so here is our double buns that depopulate the heads of all.

Two pigtails rolled up on themselves create a nice hairstyle that can adapt to all situations from evening to morning, from the office to the gym and with different types of clothing. They are also a very useful trick to camouflage unkempt hair and don’t want to appear unpresentable.

The space buns have arrived since the 1990s

It was the singer Gwen Stefani who launched the space buns fashion in a “wet effect” version. On the completely wet head the pigtails are collected almost squeezed and create a fountain effect. But we met the first real double bun thanks to the princess Leila in Star Wars in a slightly retro style, but of great effect. The buns in this case are very large and resemble two wheels, they are placed on the sides of the face to completely cover the ears.

How to bring space buns?

Double space buns with loose hair: impossible not to mention Sailor Moon, the heroine manga who sported her very blond double buns with very long loose tails. In other variants the hair is not all completely gathered in the bun. We can call it a semi-harvest where the double buns are smaller and leave room for the cascade of hair. This mode may be softer, suitable for example for the office with more classic clothing. Or with the vertical buns that give a touch of elegance.

Space buns with braids: after having collected the hair in the two tails, you pass to the braiding and then roll up on themselves. Another idea is to create the braids starting from the lower part of the nape that then go to “disappear” in the buns. Buns with braids give a cheeky and sparkling touch, suitable for a youthful look. If you then have the shots of light or balayage, the game of streaks is enhanced to the maximum.

Playing with hair dyes is an added value to space buns. Crowns in shades of purple, pink, turquoise, gray, rainbow shades are enhanced even more with this type of hairstyle.

Normally the line separating the hair strands is straight, but many choose to zigzag it or diagonally. For a more glamorous style there are those who choose to add colored glitter along the line and even piercings for the most aggressive.

Buns with curly hair or straight hair?

The double buns with curly or wavy hair lend themselves very well for a disheveled look, even better by cotoning the strands a little to exalt their volume. For those with straight hair it will be necessary to use a texturizing spray to facilitate the hairstyle. It helps to shape the strands as best as possible and the seal will last longer.


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