Some stylish bob haircuts for older women

Some stylish bob haircuts for older women

For older women bob hairstyles are the chic choice. There are some bob hairstyles that really look good on almost all face shapes. There is also some bob that can easily fit any type of hair texture whether it is curly or straight or even somewhere in between.

Generally, the bob cut is not at all boring. On many different styles it can take so you can definitely find a great match to your lifestyle and personality.

A classic bob

Any older woman who has a nice neck and jawline will really look amazing in a bob. Among older women the classic bob is actually a wonderful look which remains popular. Right above the chin it hits and also has the lovely under curl along with plenty of volumes. Generally, your personality plays a big role in whether the bob cut is perfect for you or not. If you want to have and enjoy clean and classic styles, then you should able to consider yourself to be sophisticated and it is an excellent choice for you.

A classic grey bob

There are so many women who really want to embrace their naturally gray hair, for them bob cut is a great option. Your hair will have lots of movement at this length so you can look younger. With a grey bob glasses, a hip and modern frame looks really fabulous. Usually this type of bob cut requires a flat iron or a blow dryer so that you can achieve a sleek look. To retain the length, you also require trimming it every six to eight weeks.

A wavy bob

Generally, every hair texture and face shape can deliberately wear a bob. It is actually depending largely on the specific type of bob cut that you get. If you have wavy, curly, or thick hair then your bob should have texturized ends and lots of layers just to reduce the volume.


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