Simple hairstyles for short, medium and long hair

simple hairstyles

The simple hairstyles are the ideal solution to appear cured, without having to spend too much time between hair dryer and brush: here are some useful tips for perfect hairstyle

Finding time to take care of your hair is very important, but the numerous family and professional commitments do not always make it possible to spend hours and hours in front of the mirror, between hair dryers and curlers. But we must not despair because there are simple hairstyles absolutely perfect to enhance your face in a few simple steps: here are some useful tips to follow before leaving home to have a wow effect.

Simple hairstyles for those with medium and long hair

Obviously, depending on whether the hair is short, medium or long, the possibilities are different: the simple hairstyles collected for example are perfect for those who have a hair like real “Rapunzel”. The chignon in particular is one of the most popular simple hairstyles and, in a messy and disheveled version, has also been featured in the Chanel catwalk. But if you want to dare, giving an even more chic touch, you can try the combination chignon + braid (maybe French) which is one of the hairstyles for long and medium hair easier to do.

Another very basic DIY proposal is the low tail that, moved from one side and combined with a flower crown or a vintage scarf, can be perfect for any type of event. Among the simple hairstyles for medium-length hair stand out even the semi-collected ones: these solutions provide a part of the crown set with a diadem, a clasp or braid at the base of the head and a part, or some tuft, free to slip on the shoulders. This type of hairstyle is comfortable and trendy and can be achieved very easily: the secret is to practice sometimes in front of the mirror and after a few times the result will be obtained as if by magic.

Simple hairstyles for short hair: ideas and advice

If until a few years ago we tended to advise women to cut short hair, fortunately today things have changed. In fact there are many short cuts that give a lot of personality to the face and with which you can play with simple but effective hairstyles. The first solution, for those who want to get a rock effect, is to create an important volume to the hair, especially for those with curly hair: the result is very intense and easy to achieve. Another option is to create a low-cut hairstyle: perfect also for elegant occasions, the low crop is an excellent choice for lovers of a sober and chic style.

To do this, just collect the lengths and use hairpins, arranging them ad hoc, to create a weave with a wow effect. Finally, one of the definitely easier looks to make is the messy bun, that is a small ruffled bun: those who have really short hair must take only half the hair and make a mini-bun, otherwise make it directly on the nape. There are many simple hairstyles, the secret is to test yourself and try the one that suits your cut and your face: in a few moves the result will be really impeccable.


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