Long hair is no doubt the best

simple hairstyles for long hair

We all have dreamt of having long hair like Rapunzel once in our lives Parting with your hair is a very painful experience to go through. The snipping sound of the scissors even haunts you at night. Instead of getting a haircut you can always go for the long hair option. And who said that long hair cannot be fun.

You can employ simple hairstyles for long hair which is going to make you the center of attraction. Though sometimes long hair can be high maintenance, long hair has its own charm. You can style it in a number of ways. You can make an up do or just leave your hair open, all of it are pleasing options. You can even tie half of it and let the other half loose.

Variety in long hair

You can turn your hair into cute styles in a matter of minutes. You can brush your hair in a ponytail or just make a messy bun; with long hair you can do wonders. Long hair makes a woman look gorgeous and stunning. Long hair adds oomph to your style. You can try out different hairstyles. You can braid it, curl it or perm it, tie it into a messy bun or just let it loose.

Long hair keeps you warm in winters and can serve the purpose of a scarf if you forget yours at home. 80% Men prefer longer hair on women and it adds to the charm of your personality. Celebrities like Beyonce and Salma Hayek are known for their long lustrous hair. If you need any more convincing then long hair gives you the option to experiment and you get the chance to have a new simple hairstyle for long hair every day.

Oil your hair regularly and use conditioner. It helps to keep your hair moisturized and hydrated and keep your long hair in good shape.


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