Color your hair with these tricks


Getting a new haircut with a new style is a big decision, you are confused whether it would look good on you or not. And when you think of changing your hair color that is even a bigger mystery. It is something which you don’t know how to solve. Changing hair color is a big step but with these silver hair color ideas for women, there is hardly a chance that you would go wrong.

Silver hair color is a color which all the celebrities are trying right now and all you do is sit back and be amazed how beautiful they look. From Hilary Duff to Ariana Grande, all of them have changed their hair color to silver. You might think that it is something only celebrities can pull off but that is not the truth; you can get silver hair color and totally rock it.


Things to keep in mind

While getting your hair color changed to silver, get a shade that is not too glossy or shiny as it will shimmer in sunlight and make your hair look as if it has grayed prematurely.  Choose a color that is a little dull as that would give it a grayish effect and look more alluring. Get a global hair color instead of getting only streaks of hair done. Streaks of silver hair color will again give the look as if your hair has grayed prematurely.

There are many silver hair color ideas for women. Make sure to visit a salon that knows how to give you that perfect look. Consult a few friends and be sure to check out their review online before heading to a salon. Getting a silver hair color is a bold step but surely a style which will make heads turn and something that would up your style quotient.


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