Side hairstyles: 5 ideas to copy


In summer it is even easier to try new hairstyles: here are three side all to be copied for your days at the beach and glamorous evenings

Practical especially at the seaside, the side hairstyles, even semi-gathered, are the perfect solution to be glamorous from the city to the beach. They can be made with long or short hair, straight or curly, and can be romantic, comfortable or sexy depending on which hairstyle you choose.

Why do you like them so much? Because they are good for everyone, and because they allow – by choosing where to place the tuft – to discover the face or, on the contrary, to camouflage some aesthetic defect.

The advantages of side hairstyles are in fact numerous: you can choose your best profile so as to highlight it, the proportions are rebalanced, the plump faces appear more slender and the whole figure gains momentum.

So here are five side hairstyles to copy right away.

Side hairstyles for long hair

The side hairstyles for long hair open up to endless interpretations. Let’s see how to make one of the most evocative, a soft harvest with the side row.

The first thing to do is, for the note, to create laterally the line and then the curls only in the lower part; with a comb, the upper part of the head is a little ringed, all the hair is pulled from the side of the tuft and fixed with hairpins of the same color as the hair.

Proceed by continuing to roll up the hair, leaving out only the curls and fixing them with a bit of lacquer: a simple hairstyle, inspired by a little medieval, but with an extraordinary effect.

Side hairstyles with braid

A great classic? Side hairstyles with braid. If you choose the classic braid with three strands (but you can also opt for the French braid), it is sufficient not to do it in the center of the neck but move it to the side and then leave it full, without frills: a real joker, to show off maybe on the beach when the hair is wet and not really in form.

In the evening, then, just make it a little richer by inserting flowers or – even better – colored ribbons intertwined with hair: the wow effect is assured.

Side hairstyles for short hair

The side hairstyles for short hair are the best solution, if you want to change your look for an evening or to mask not very clean hair. Also in this case we start by making a side line; on the opposite side to that of the tuft, pull the hair back and fix it with a special comb (the hair that remains outside, at the bottom, can be stopped with hairpins or other accessories).

With the plate, the hair is curled on the tuft and volumized with an ad hoc product. At this point, everything stops with a little lacquer and you’re done: your side hairstyle is ready.

Side hairstyles for curls

Not just straight hair: the side hairstyle for curls is possible, and also very beautiful. Especially if you want those hedgehogs to remain visible, and you prefer not to collect them in a “forced” hairstyle. Just move the entire length to the side and stop it with hairpins, to then give body to the curls leaving them completely loose or gathering them in a not too tight chignon.

The side chignon

Forget the classic ballerina chignon: the coolest is side, and it’s a real passepartout. You can show it off in the office, at a ceremony, during an informal occasion, and making it is easier than it seems: just move your hair on the chosen side and proceed as you would a normal chignon, indulging in fantasy.

The side chignon, in fact, can be high or low, super pulled and without a hair out of place or messy, recreated with braids or decorated with clips. In any case, it will be beautiful.


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