Side Hairstyles: Best Ideas

Side Hairstyles

The side hairstyles are much appreciated because it always manages to give a nice look, chic and also very romantic, if you use the right hair accessories.

It’s the right solution when we want to tie our hair but in an alternative way, to have a new image at work, for a special evening but also to spend some time with friends in an informal way.

Side Hair Look of Famous Women

Many show, film and TV women sported side hairstyles on important occasions.

The side combing options are really many, we offer you 50, with some very useful tutorials to make them come true: try them all!

Side Braid Hairstyles

There are really many variations of braids and the side position also allows those who show off to enjoy the view! The classic braid with three strands, full and without frills, is always a joker to keep in mind, but if you want something more special choices are not lacking. The lateral herringbone braid is easy to make, is original but not eccentric at the same time. The braided spike of wheat, in fact, continues to be much appreciated because it is elegant but also suitable for leisure time, as well as the reverse braid version. The classic braid can then be enriched with details such as flowers, clasps and ribbons woven into the hair itself. A truly elegant option is the braid that frames the face, thanks to the hair that creates a kind of chaplet: the so-called Dutch braid is definitely to try!

Side Tail

Simple, elementary but still able to be unique, the side tail can be made simply by moving sideways and tying the hair down. To enrich it we think the clasps that we can use, or the consistency of hair: we can leave them smooth or create a unique endpiece. The vintage 80s hairstyle, instead, sees the high side tail, positioned almost on the top of the head.

Side Chignon

The chignon is a timeless must have, we should all learn to do it because it is the hairstyle that solves work, ceremonial and even casual occasion looks! The chignon lends itself to an infinity of variations. The low side simple chignon? Just move the hair to the side and proceed like a normal bun! The bun can be tall, be recreated with braids, look flawless or messy. You can add all the accessories you like, from flowers to clasps: the chignon always has its charm!

Collected Side Hair

If you have wavy or curly hair and you like to keep them loose but without them bothering you, the side hairstyle is certainly for you. Move the whole length to the side, hold it firmly with hairpins or clasps and then place the front part of the head, making it more particular thanks to the correct combing of the tuft, will give you the opportunity to experience a look with a certain effect. The same side length, then, can be left completely melted or resumed and closed like a chignon, with the curls clearly in evidence.

Elegant Side Combing

Long hair allows different variations of side hairstyles. A very elegant provides for the creation of floral shapes with hair, or even give them the look of a hat. It is a refined and not very simple hairstyle, made of layers of hair treated with styling products and then stopped with a retina and with jewel clasps. You can take a cue from this photo and suggest it to a skilled hairdresser who will give you the opportunity to show off a gorgeous hairstyle for a special occasion.

Side Collected Seeds Hairstyles

The seeds collected is a great classic, perfect for any occasion, moving it to the side is a small variant that you notice! The collected and loose seed is really elementary and can become more particular thanks to the hair accessories. The seeds collected can also close with a single, well defined bite: the curls, the curls and the wavy hair in general make it very good with the seeds collected lateral! The hair, then, can be braided on the side of the head, with the lengths left free on the side.

Hairstyles with Flowers on The Side

The hairstyles with flowers are perfect for ceremonies, especially weddings. The side hairdoes are well suited to the addition of the flowers, especially and you have short hair or medium hair or do not want to create too elaborate hairstyles. A single large flower at the beginning of the hairstyle, or a small bunch of flowers, will give a very romantic look to your side crop.

Bride Side Hairstyles

The side hairstyle is the right choice for brides, in this case are always the hair accessories to make the difference! A wavy side hairstyle is always to be preferred because it gives a more romantic allure and, starting from this, you can then add flowers or jewel clasps. The length can also be braided or collected. A wedding hair look to be evaluated!

Tutorial Side Hairstyles

The most particular side hairstyles, as mentioned, are those with braids. Here are some tutorials to make them, follow all the steps to do it yourself or ask for help from your friend if you do not have much manual skills.

Really beautiful side hairstyles, and how many variations we can experience! What is your favorite? Say it in the comments!

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