Shots of Light on Brown Hair: How to Make It and Advice

shots of light on brown hair

The shots of light on brown hair allow to give the woman’s face a greater brightness without giving up a completely natural effect. Here’s how to make them at home.

There are many techniques to make our hair brighter. The strokes of light on brown hair make it possible to bring out the beauty of the hair by choosing between the nuances of color that can be combined with the base.

The strokes of light, or foiled hair, are back in fashion and look good on all types of hair, from curls to straight, long or short. They are particularly indicated to enhance the long hair. The effect obtained, similar to sunstroke or meches, is very natural.

The technique allows to give brightness, brilliance and natural reflexes to the crown. This, if done correctly and by expert hands, allows you to obtain reflections and plays of light that will give your hair vitality, beauty and naturalness. Depending on the desired effect, the coloring can be personalized and give a touch of originality to the woman.

Here is how to do them and some useful tips to avoid getting an unpleasant final effect.

Shots of Light on Brown Hair: The Nuance to Choose

The strokes of light on brown hair allow the woman to indulge herself by choosing among many shades of color. You can choose between a shade that does not get too detached from the color of the base or prefer a contrasting shade for a more particular and original effect.

However, coloring will have to enhance the natural color of the foliage and make it bright and shiny. On brown hair it is preferable to choose the warm colors of caramel or amber to give brightness to the face.

There are many techniques for making light strokes on brown hair

The Techniques to Bring the Light Shots to Sun

When it comes to giving a touch of brightness to your hair and special techniques, such as light strokes, streaks, balayage, shatush, it is always advisable to rely on a professional. In addition to avoiding unpleasant results, a hairstylist can suggest the most suitable color for your base. The main risk is to risk creating unsightly, uneven colored spots.

There are different techniques to make the shots of light at home but the operation is particularly complex and requires a lot of patience, dexterity and experience.

Shots of Light with the Headphone

In beauty salons, light strokes are often made using a pitted rubber cap.

To get the light strokes on brown hair using this tool, the first step will be to wear the cap and, through a crochet hook, pull small strands out of the holes. Once the operation is completed, you can begin to apply the chosen color and leave in place for the time indicated in the product package.

After laying time, without removing the cap, rinse your hair under running water to remove the excess dye. Remove the cap and carefully rinse the hair and proceed to dry and styling.

Use of tinfoil for light strokes

Shots of Light on Brown Hair with Foil

Another method used in beauty salons to make light strokes is to use tinfoil. In this case, after having eliminated the nodes with a comb, you will have to divide the hair into sections and hang small tufts. On selected strands, you will then have to apply the color and wrap them in tinfoil. Subsequently, after having left them in pose, proceed with the washing, the removal of the foil and the styling.

Dyeing Specifications

Since some years it is possible to find specific haircuts for light strokes in specialized shops, but also in supermarkets. In fact, inside the package, in addition to dyeing, the manufacturers provide, along with gloves, shampoo and mask after dyeing, a particular brush. This wide-toothed brush allows you to dye the hair strands without having to select them. As we pass it on the foliage, in fact, the coloring comes out of the teeth; the final result will be dyeing locks in an equidistant way from each other.

It is important to moisturize your hair to preserve its brightness

Useful Advice

As with any hair coloration, after treatment it is important to keep the hair moisturized. You have to choose a shampoo, a conditioner and a mask suitable for the type of hair.

Particularly indicated are those products that contain oils, such as coconut oil, argan oil, olive oil, linseed oil. For the final styling, however, we recommend the use of sprays that do not contain alcohol, oils and protective waxes.

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