Short Wavy Hair: 10 look not to be missed for autumn 2018

short wavy hair

What are the trendiest short hairstyles for fall / winter 2018-2019?

Among the hair trends for autumn-winter 2018-2019 we will find short hair this year. Yes, the long and flowing hair remain the protagonists, but are flanked by more determined and gritty cuts, which still leave room for soft and feminine movements.

Short wavy hair is the ideal choice for those who have little time in the morning, but do not want to give up elegance, refinement and sensuality in their cut.

Here are the 10 not-to-miss outfits for short wavy hair:

Very short hair: defined cut with locks only apparently messed up, climbed to frame the face. Very suitable for those who want a gritty and feminine look at the same time.

Slightly longer hair: waves and curls in freedom give a sexy look to a short cut

Short short bob: very feminine and eternally fashionable, the curly bob is a practical and elegant solution to feel right and tidy on every occasion.

Short curly hair with tuft or bangs: short or medium-short haircuts with wavy hair, can be enriched by full tufts longer or slightly scaled, or bangs that help to frame the face and at the same time make the cut more dynamic it’s fresh.

Short hair wavy with side shave: another cutting of great trend in recent years is one that leaves a side of the hair longer and perhaps scaled, while on the other side the hair is shaved almost to simulate a lateral crop. Definitely gritty and rock solution, for a cut that does not give up femininity anyway.

Slightly roughened carré: ideal solution for those with slightly wavy natural hair. The carré will keep the hair in order and at the same time will give volume.

Short hair with bangs and lengths scaled moves: a cut that does not need almost maintenance, if not for the bangs, which remains full and smooth, while the lengths remain wavy and voluminous thanks to the cut climbed.

Medium-short wavy hair scaled: for those who can not really see with a very short cut, you can opt for a medium-short scaled cut that frames the face and neck but just touches the shoulders. A very romantic and sensual cut suitable for those who have a natural and orderly curl.

Long bob moved: another alternative for those who do not want short wavy hair is the long bob. A helmet slightly climbed on the tips with delicate movements created by soft waves that just touch the shoulders.

Bangs and lengths effect messed up: for a casual cut always tidy despite appearing untidy. Suitable for less wavy hair, but not quite smooth.


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