+30 Magnificent Short Natural Wavy Hair

short wavy natural hair

Women often say that making a short natural wavy hair is also a problem. Therefore, they choose two cardinally opposite solutions: Either to grow long hair and tie it up, or cut it short. I would like to help in the problem of creating undulating hairstyles and, especially, to emphasize their simplicity.

Hair preparation for creating wavy hairstyles

Firstly, wavy hair looks very voluminous. Secondly, hair is easier to lay, they are more pliable. Thirdly, if you just wash your head, let them dry naturally and sprinkle with a spray, you’ll get a haircut! Use of hair dryers is strictly prohibited, otherwise you risk becoming a “dandelion”. Hair from wavy hair should be touched as little as possible, so as not to shove the top layer and not create a halo on the head.

And another feature of wavy hair; if you apply a little bit of mousse on your hair and just twist your fingers with wide strands (you need to tighten it very tightly), then in a couple of minutes you will get a beautiful sexy image.

But if there is rain or damp outside the window, then only wavy hairstyles can order your curls.

How much can you come up with different weaves for wavy hair! Of course, they are not as simple to braid as straight ones, but they look like braids, sometimes, more spectacular.

Hair of medium length and wavy texture are the most popular choices when styling summer hairstyles. In this regard, the wavy bob hairdo is an absolute favorite of the summer season, as it is suitable for every day, and for important events. In fact, wavy hair is perceived as an integral attribute of femininity, so why not make wavy packing if not for every day, then at least occasionally to pamper yourself and cheer up?

+30 Magnificent Short Natural Wavy Hair



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