Short man haircuts: 15 trendy cuts of the moment

short man haircuts

The 15 images of the new trend-setting men’s haircut for 2019 2020: you can choose from the short gradient, to hair with a row and those with tuft, and if you like them there are those in the back.

The style of men’s short haircuts changes is renewed with a look to the past. Would you have ever imagined wearing your hair like in the famous film Bonnie and Clyde with a renewed cut from one of the best Italian salons? And yet it is so, look at this new short cut with a line proposed by Framesi’s hairstylists that combine the past and the present with an all-Italian style.

But let’s go for order here are the photos of the new short men’s hair cuts according to current fashion trends.

Short man haircut, with the side line

The male hairstyles with stripes are mainly shaded on the sides. It is a trendy cut that you will see everywhere especially in the famous heads. Let’s take as an example Cristiano Ronaldo, this is a picture taken on November 3rd in Spain, and as you can see his short hair has side shavings with tuft combed back.

In this image instead you can see the side line and the high shade of the haircut of CR7.

Now, Ronaldo is wearing too much gel in the head, but the trend of the short man cut is this that we show you in this image.

Short haircuts with side tuft

A side tuft is hard to pass fashion, it is timeless for masculine cuts. It has the advantage of giving to young men, but it increases the charm of the mature man. It can be worn casually on a medium-length hair but looks very good on the new very short man cut. Here’s how to wear the tuft with very short and faded hair.

Hair cuts for boys

More suitable for boys and young men are short hair with an undercut and a hair with a short tuft. This is a male hairstyle that is easy enough to keep in order, just a gel or a modeling wax.

Men’s short, elegant and classic wavy hair. Always in fashion

With the classic style revisited in a modern key, on the other hand, it’s never wrong. Proof of this is Fabio Attanasio, considered one of the most elegant Italian men on Instagram for his enviable classic-modern style. Here in the picture you can see how his short and moving hair has a tidy and youthful look.

David Gandy’s English-style masculine cut is not fading. A haircut like that of the most beautiful model in the world is suitable for those with a classic closed attachment. Its short side cut has no smoothing but a regular shade and the tall tuft untidily disheveled. The hairstyle of David Gandy is the right compromise for men of 40 or 50 who want to renew the look with a youthful cut without distorting their style.

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Short hair on the sides and scaled between the 2019 trends

A man who is currently depopulated is shaded at the sides and with longer hair scaled up and disheveled upwards or sideways to be worn with a short beard and a long beard. Here it is in a picture sported by one of the most followed Instagram men. However it is a hairstyle with a deliberately rebellious but at the same time manageable style.

Shaved hair with designs, one of the trends 2019 2020

If the shaved hair on the side with tuft does not satisfy you and you want to ride the new trends then you can always focus on those with geometric designs on the skin. Here it is advisable for you to ask a good hairdresser to advise you, because although it is fashionable between the cuts for boys and young men it is still a type of haircut that must be done in a workmanlike manner.

The brush haircut

Very trendy and also flaunted by David Beckham who, in terms of male hair, dictates the trends, the brush cut remains among the new trends in men’s hair of the winter season. The contrast between the volumes makes it a type of short cut suitable for men who like to change their look with hairstyles that give a youthful style.

Short haircut mature man

The maturity for men is an advantage, the more time passes the more masculine charm increases. But every advantage must be exploited properly, renewing one’s look with a new short haircut is among the priorities of every man. Here the real gentlemen, those in the business, those in the cinema and the most fascinating real of the modern monarchy come to our aid. Here are three goddesses and photos from which to take inspiration.

For example, a very short cut gives a face with an important nose, and the billionaire Elon Musk co-founder of Tesla, is a right source of inspiration for many men who have similar characteristics.

The short cut by Hugh Jackman, the protagonist of the X-Men film saga, is neatly tidy with shades on the sideburns, it is undoubtedly that kind of male short cut that is easy to handle and that expresses a timeless elegance.

Style and elegance often go hand in hand, and a man to take an example from is the 51-year-old Spanish king Felipe VI, who despite showing obvious receding hair and gray hair still retains a charm that sets him apart from other men in his position . As can be seen in his recent man haircut.

Every man has a personal style and a good short haircut helps to increase his class and maintain the right balance between his personality and appearance.

We have shown you the new trends in short hair cuts for men, now only you can choose from these images the look you would like to have, but know that on our website you can find other photos and ideas to get inspiration to renew your hair look.

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