Short, long or scaled? Helmet hair suitable for you

Helmet hair

The helmet was born a long time ago, at the hands of a French hairdresser inspired by Joan of Arc. Short, long or unlined: that’s why women like it so much

Helmet hair is one of the most famous cuts of all time. They are chosen because they make us feel comfortable and free to prefer the version that suits us best. Do you know the perfect one for you?

A cut that celebrates one of the greatest heroines of all time

Helmet hair has a history that has lasted since 1909. They were born from the hands of a Polish hairdresser who settled in Paris, named Antoine, who, between legend and truth, seems to have been inspired by Joan of Arc for his creation. The bob cut was a revolutionary hairstyle because it broke with the tradition that women wanted inextricably linked to the long cut. Almost as being a female meant wearing long hair as a mandatory attribute. Instead, here appears on the heads of actresses and musical singers a short cut in a vaporous hairstyle: it was a resounding success, alive today.

A versatile and always different cut

The haircut was a brilliant intuition not only because it broke with an old tradition. This hairstyle is able to reinvent itself in dozens of different versions, always up-to-date and able to accompany a woman who is the master of her time. The types of helmet, in fact, go from the fluffy hairstyles of the origins, passing those short with bangs up to those ultra smooth, the glass hair flaunted by stars like Dua Lipa and Kim Kardashian. The helmet shortens or lengthens. Adds the bangs to enhance the geometric dimension of the face. But it’s always him: bob, bob or carré, if you prefer!

Hairstyles enter the history of style

In a cut that has made history and revolutionized the feminine taste, the climbing versions deserve a place of honor. The scaled bob or shag bob represents, perhaps, the most modern and cheeky variant of this iconic hairstyle. This is the cut of Victoria Beckham: a short, scaled helmet, asymmetrical on the sides and very blonde from the roots. Then there is the Rachel dedicated to one of the most famous tv characters of all time. This cut included more volume at the roots, a full-length unthreading and very natural light strokes to illuminate. Who of us has not gone to the hairdresser, at least once, to get this hairstyle?

Short bob: moved or smooth?

The first helmets of history, also called à la garçonne or the boy, were very short. There were those who wore this cut with soft waves and a free forehead like Coco Chanel. In contrast, there were those like Mary Quant who exalted the shape of his face with a helmet with rounded and smooth bangs. In more recent times, short bob hair is worn by a true queen of style: Anna Wintour.

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Helmet hair cuts for all styles

The hair bob, since their creation, give women the opportunity to live their hair with total freedom. The hair is shortened or lengthened according to the tastes of the wearer. Even the long bob enjoys, in fact, of great popularity among celebrities. Just think of those raised by Jennifer Lawrence and Keira Knightley on many red capert. Their hairstyles provide row to side and a lightness made possible by the blur of the waves combined with warm and luminous reflections.


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