+25 Best Short Hairstyles for Thick Wavy Hair


Thick hair-the dream of many women. However, not everyone knows that this head of hair is quite capricious. Thick strands are less amenable to styling, and created hairstyles can look frankly ridiculous. Today we will look at short hairstyles for thick wavy hair that are best suited for women.

The vast majority of short haircuts are ideal for thick and thick curls. In this case, you will be able to play on the natural texture and create a new interesting image.

Short hairtcuts for thick wavy hair

So, what kind of images can you create? Pixies are a great choice for thick hair. This type of ultra-short hair focuses on the neck. This option looks great in combination with the oblique short bangs. However, you can find these options pixie, who quite successfully supplemented long oblique bangs. To make this hairstyle is quite simple, using a special wax which you can use to create high style. This modern hairstyle is perfect for confident women. In order to maintain the clarity of the form, you will need to visit the hairdresser once every six to eight weeks.

If you like glamorous hairstyles, you should pay attention to the pages. However, clicking on it with the right version, it should be understood that such a model will require much more attention than many others. The length of such haircuts usually fall just below the jawline. While the strands have faces cut in a semicircle or remain completely straight. The bangs should be straight, harmoniously complementing hairstyle as a whole.

These hairstyles are just designed for those who want to reduce their hair volume. Based on patchwork haircuts, you can create a variety of volume hairstyles with spots, as well as collect long curls in bundles, butterflies.

+25 Best Short Hairstyles for Thick Wavy Hair


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