The Pixie is the short hairstyle for autumn 2018

short hairstyle for autumn 2018

If you’ve been thinking about separating yourself from your old pigtails for a while, now is the perfect time. Because: The Pixie is the trend hairstyle for fall 2018! The legendary shortcut, which became famous in the 1960s by the English model Twiggy, is still one of the most popular short hairstyles. Here’s the most beautiful Pixie looks to inspire:

Trend hairstyle: These are the current pixie looks of the stars

Pixie with short pony bangs

Katy Perry is a real hairstyle chameleon. Her current Pixie look looks pretty cool: she wears the sides in a raspy fashion and styles the irregularly cut pony bangs in the forehead. You go girl!

Pixie with short pony fringes

Pixie-cut with a soft contour

Model Agyness Deyn wears a pixie version with a bangs cut. This looks very feminine and flatters her rather angular face. Harmonizes: The warm brown of her hair.

Pixie-cut with a soft contour

Pixie with asymmetrical bangs

The platinum blonde Pixie is the trademark of actress Michelle Williams. The deep-skinned top coat and the asymmetrically styled pony are especially good for her. Thumbs up!

Pixie with asymmetrical bangs

Pixie with a dark neck

Pretty casual: Kirsten Stewart just lets her blond hair grow out. At the back of the head, the hair is cut short and therefore already quite dark. Cool contrast to the light blond top coat!

Pixie with a dark neck

Who is the pixie-cut?

The good thing about Pixie: It fits every hair structure – no matter if it’s smooth, wavy, curly, thin or thick. When Pixie-Cut, the hair on the sides and back of the head are cut very short. The top coat, the sideburns and the ponyparty stay longer – here you can vary as you wish. A long, asymmetrical pony looks feminine, a short straight pony is more edgy.

The best is the trendy short hairstyle women with an oval face shape. But even with a heart-shaped or slightly edgy face, the shortcut is a great choice!

How do you style the Pixie?

Who would have thought: The shortcut is completely changeable! You can wildly pamper the pixie, wear the sleek look or style the pony casually or completely out of your face. Pomade, gel and hair spray are best suited to make the pixie in the desired shape.


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