Trend Short Haircuts with Bangs


Long bangs haircuts are increasingly being tested by Hollywood stars and these childish patterns become a trend.

The advantages and disadvantages of short haircuts are evident: On the one hand, they open the clavicle, visually stretch it, and the woman appears more elegant. On the other hand, such haircuts provides a minimal variety in hair style.

Today, a short burst of hair with a long burst has a characteristic coloration – a monophonic, dark color or ombre in an explosion.

Long, straight blasted pixie haircut

For those who have small straight noses and broad subterranean bones, they are suitable for flat eaves. Do not wear a flat bang in a natural position – scan on the edge and bend it in large waves.

This hair is suitable for square-faced girls, because it visually “balances” the proportions between the lower and upper parts of the face.

Haircuts with long oblique bursts

The long and sloping bangs is rounded as well as the shaped face-shaped with the girls. Inside, a short haircut extends the face visually and folds the effect together with the tilted bursts. If you color it by adding a special color, your face will become longer and longer.

Due to the presence of short strips, the straight bangs rarely bends. It is enough to dry with the hair dryer and bring the explosions to a natural position on one side.

Long strokes and short backed haircut

A short nape can be seen in the haircut. Girls with the ideal shape of the face and face: a small nose, a straight jaw, a classical length of the face, cheeky bones of average severity. It is a minimum set for a similar haircut and of course the face of the girls must have a rectangular shape.

Hair cutting bob with long strokes

This is the most feminine form of short hairstyle and is the best choice for girls who think long or long. The raised neck compensates for uncomfortable harm in the pros and cons of the nose, and is a great advantage of this haircut.

It looks quite feminine and at the same time allows you to make some variations of stylish and at the same time different hair styles your hair is wrapped and stamped.


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