Short haircuts winter 2019 2020: all the Trends

Short haircuts winter 2019 2020

Pixie cut bon ton, disheveled bob for wavy hair or shaving, here are the short winter 2019 haircuts 2020 trend!

The short haircuts for winter 2019 2020 are cheeky and sparkling! From short and very short pixie cuts to shaving haircuts, from medium-short cuts like the beautiful disheveled bobs to the most elegant, the trends launched by Italian and international hairstylists are becoming more and more aggressive. Let’s take a look together with the images of the trend short haircuts winter 2020!

Short Hair Cuts Scaled

Curly or smooth, fine or thick? Regardless of the type of hair, short scaled haircuts will be the great protagonists of the upcoming cold season. Therefore banned for the same 60s and 90s hairstyle, in favor of thinning that create a very natural volume, thus avoiding to create the swollen hair effect. Among the most interesting winter 2020 short haircuts are the side tufts of Fabio Salsa, perfect for wavy hair. While the beautiful short and very short pixie cuts become increasingly disheveled and cheeky!

Very Short Haircuts

If short is not enough, the very short cuts arrive! Leading protagonists in this case are the pixie cut, in the 70s and 80s versions that still today actresses and influencers love to show off. Inspired by the haircut “à la garçonne” of style icons like Audrey Hepburn, the pixie cuts are rigorously scaled, and made more feminine thanks to curtain bangs and long side tufts, often with shades of blond or copper.

Jean Louis David awards short disheveled cuts that leave the forehead uncovered, ideal for those with round and oval faces. The very short and asymmetrical cuts are perfect even at 50 and 60 years as well as easy to handle, especially if you have gray or slightly graying hair. For younger girls we recommend cuts with shaving, gritty and glam rock. How to make them even more fashionable? Award-winning colors like platinum blonde and ash, or pastel shades with a very light blond color.

Short Wavy Haircuts

Looking for short wavy and curly original cuts? Among the short winter 2019 cuts for women, those scaled with Franck Provost’s long tuft are the most elegant, especially when combined with a bright honey-colored tint. The most chosen cut remains the bob, short just below the ears or of medium length to the chin, the most suitable for enhancing natural curls.

The bangs cuts soften the effect of the square, diamond or high cheekbone faces, while those in the back are perfect for round faces. Looking for trendy cuts to ask the hairdresser for over 60s? Focus on a classic par excellence, a short bob or a carre cut, an ideal lady look for fifties and over. Especially in warm shades of brown that this year will be the most interesting winter trend!

Short Cuts with Bangs

Youthful and carefree, but also bon ton and refined, the short haircuts winter 2020 with bangs become more modern in style. Intermede returns to reward short asymmetric cuts with disheveled bangs, ideal for straight and fine hair. The bowl-shaped cut is embellished with long frontal tufts scaled, while Franck Provost raises 60s style cuts with bangs to the same length, especially suitable for triangular faces. But if bangs is your passion, take a look at our gallery of images on short cuts with tuft or bangs!

Short Curly Haircuts

What do international hairstylists suggest about short curly cuts? Close up on very short cuts, ideal for afro hair, to be worn a little longer behind and on the head. However, we suggest treating them with a suitable curly hair shampoo to preserve volume and definition.

Bobs for curly hair are also short and medium in length, in view of the winter proposed with short and scaled bangs or with medium-long side tufts. Also interesting are the trends in terms of colors: copper red dominates the winter season, while blondes lighten, alternating with brown shades with a very natural final effect. But if you are looking for lots of ideas for short curly haircuts, take a look at our mega collection of photos on the subject!

Short Straight Cuts

Do you dream of a cut that enhances your short straight hair? The most popular straight haircuts for next season are never too short. The bob cut remains the first choice, from the length just below the chin and very scaled.

The short cuts behind asymmetrical and youthful are combined with very short bangs. While the pixie cut on straight hair acquires movement thanks to geometric and fake messy cuts, often left longer on the ears. Beautiful on twenties but also on fifties and over 50s, this is the most characteristic hairstyle of the season, suitable to emphasize the features and particularly chic in combination with meches and colored hair with bright shades.

Very short Pixie cut or medium length bob? Which of women’s short cuts for winter 2020 do you like best? Let us know by leaving a comment!


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